Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

tEpiflle to the Theffalonianr. V a a.4. I t S ifled. The k woe n ledge he had of their elaEtion:The media and euidenccs, whence his allurance arof è,arc propoun- ded in the Verres following. The queftion here falls in,whether one may know the elation of another. There is, I vnderítand, a new Paraclete lately drops out of heauen, able by infpeEtion to difcerne and reueale to any man, his elation :that reades in a mans forehead e -I IeEtion written,in as faire Charafters, as that infcription; on the high Priefts forehead, h Holineffeto the Lora. 6Exod.2 , This high-(owne Eagle was ?leafed toftoope lb low,1 as to catch flyes, namely, to vfe forne notes:ofmine vpon this Text, as his owne,. without any alteration in fub- I Rance, fauouring of his owne induftrie, fàuing what hee' was pleafed to imploy his memorie in. I owne them no longer; as Fidentine the Poets fcroll, fo hath hee made'' 'them his owne enough, I wondred, I confeffe, a man of his Seraphicall fpirit vnderraking maintenance of fuch I paradoxes againft receiued iudgement of the whole- Church ofGod, would moue in fo low a fpheare, as to ' take me with him in his walke,& to plow with my Hey_; fer: more, to fee him fofyllabid preaching mine other' notes, and 1 offingly reieEting the receiued Diftinflion of infallible and charitable iudgement, as là of.' ignorance,and hauing no footing in the Word of God. To the q.ueftion,miueanfweres were thele: firft,there is one reafon of fngtslar perfòn ; another of intire Con-: gregatioias: offingulars,all we haue, is a probable conic - &ire; yet ofinrire Congregations, where the Word is fetledly preached and preuaileth, might Paul, may wee indefinitely lay, they are eleéizeel; giuing the whole deno minarion of the better part, becaufe it is more then pro_' bable,where God will haue his word powerfully preach - ed,there bath he forne people, i a tenth, at leaf}, that fkll i 1¡ai,e. 13. returne. The fecond Anfwer was, in termesfomething diffe- rent