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ri-%*Y i ..gret O! 4,WáiriÚ. 1,4415t a f.a' i6 C H A P. I. stn Evpofition upon thefirfiz V a ß.q.. rent from the difIinítion of ludgement,of eertaintie,and Charitie, (coffed at by this man; yet in fubftance all one. OF perfwafion in this kinde there are two degrees: the one infallible,the other morali or conieaurall Infallibly, k 3s,y tp: except by fpeciall Keuelation, as k A N A N I A S had for P A y L, none kuowes the elation of another: Conic- fturally,according ro euidences,which Charity is bound in fùch cafe, to follow, we may haueperfwafon of other mens eleEtion.And Inch I then refolued to be that know- ledge Paul here profelíeth : how truely wee (hall after- wards heare. Let vs now, firtF, fomething more fully explaine the termes of the Diftindion. Seco;dly, inquire, whetherit haue ground in the Word of God. Thirdly, afterwards of whether fort, in likelihood, this ofPauli was.For the fiat: Infallible certaintie vfually we call that, Citi non po. teftfubeffefalfitrn, wherein a man cannot bee deceiued. Charitable or conieEturall, that wherein it is poffible to erre and be deceiued. In both kinds we mutt remember to difcerne betwixt the thing whereof the certaintie is, and the certaintie is felfe. The thing whereof the cer- taintie is,is the Propofrrion wfeto the Anent is giuen. The certaintie, the Atrent ir.felfe. N'ecettarily muff thefe be dillinguifhed:for it is poffible to be vndoubtf ally and fully pertwaded euen of what is falfe : as Paul was vn- í 43. ,6. 9, doubtfully perfsvisded,that het ought to doe many things a- sainflthe Nance of Chrif his periwafion was certaine, in reipec`} of the Alient, yet the thing vtterly falle. And e- uen in iudgement of charitie,there may be a ftrmneiTe of perfwa(ion, and atfenr, though no trúth in the Propofi- SHG_ I Lion alienred veto. Infallible certaintie implyes both Certitrr- ieEi, there: Eft,ítrmnefre and fulnetre of affentin,. Secondly, diner?) fib certaine and neceiTary truth of that which wee are thus ict9i. firmely pertwaded of. That ofCharitie, may imply Come &lunelie of perfwaflon, imports not certaine and ne- celTarie truth of that whereof the perfwafion is. Whether ,r.;..,rg °