Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C N A P. I. Epiftle to the Tlaeffalenians. V nt. 4.. 17 Whether this diáination hath any footing in the Scrip. turcs, is the next inquirie. The 6ttl member is acknowledged by the Antagonift, Let vs fee whether the other may not find footing there. They deny the Lord that°' bought thew, and bring e° posa s pee. z I. themfelues fwifr damnation: after what judgment !peaks S.Petert of infallibilitie, or of charitie? I know, the man is as much abhorrent from that DiftinEiion of fufficieney and efficacie of Chrifts death, as from this, of infallibili- tie and charitie in point of iudgemcnr. I prrttsrme alfo he holds, that none of Chrifts redeemed are damned: yet of fbmc damned, faith Peter, the Lerdboaght them, expref- fing that periwafion,the Church had of the before their Apotlafie,Where grounded ?bur on that rule of Charity, a to Geleeueallgoodtkingsof ethers, inwbona wee fee no I nrcoca ;:f,. euiderace of the contrarie. Compare Aá. 8.i ;. Heb, to. zp, the fame Peter expre2ng the ordinary meafure of certainric we haue of ocher mens f nceritie,vfeth a word, importing, though not want of firm mac of his perfwa- f on, yet poiúbilicte of falthood in the thing. By Si L- v A N v s A faitbfnIl Brother to yen, ek vopí , 0 4$ ¡fu p ofe, o f Pet. s, t s. And realises he had enow fo to fuppofe,The man having Jo largely approued hinafelfe to the Church of God:only, becaufcin the thing he might erre, a tearmcis feletded, intplying,pollibili tic of his erring in the perfbn, yet fhf- fcienrly expreffing inch fîrwne&Te of pertwafion,as Cha- ritie following outward cuidences, might gather touch- ing his fidelitie. L1ke,fee PGilip.t.6i7. Collet. wee haue (cene the feble ofthe teranes; and in part the footing this DiftinEtion bath in theWord ofGod. Of whether fort was Paid, judgement here pre. fefTed? OF infallibilitie, faith the vpftart Prophet TrnnkZe; and thence is his collection: That one may know anerhers e- leEîion, or that one that is the Child of God, may infal- libly know the regeneration ofanother : of whom,I de- fire firft to know the quantity of his Conclufion,whecher C is