Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

*rIZFï]get.: : 4"[7 18 x A r. r. An Expe ition upon the Aft V a R.4. is it vniuerfally or particularly to be vnderftood? may all know the cleftion of all? or is it the priuiledge of a few ? I purpofe not to quarrell about his making eleEtion and regeneration all ones I will rake his latter chufe, as a li- mitation or explanation of the former; that his meaning (hall be; the Elea, not before regeneration, but after, may know, the elation of others, namely, after they are once eft tually called: meaues free all the Regenerate or forre Certainly his reafons conclude as well for all,as forte: as well for weake Novices, while they are weake, as for ftronger men,they haue receiued his Spirit of difcerning: cacti there, be they neuer lb weake, are ['tibial s of one Kingdom,: Citizens of one Citie : Children of one Father : Seruants o f one Houjhold : Members of one Body: or if there be any other fimilitude,more lively expreffing our neere coniunEtion in the body of Chriñ; as well agree they to Babes in Chrift, as to ftronger men : like fay wee of the Commandements, ro put difference, to loue the bre- thren, &c. fo that his giddie difciples need no longer hang on him as their Oracle, to know their elation; for any Nouice in his Schoole, may as fully retueale to them, that their names arewritten in the booke. of Life. Truth is, it is neither generally, nor particularly true; but vniuerfally falle; that any man, without extraordi nary reuelation, knowes the eletion of another. Let vs heare his Rea(ón; firft, is from the neerenelre that is betwixt vs; we are fubieCts of one Kingdorne, Ci- l tizens of one Citie,Children of one Father:therfore one may infallibly know the cleftion of another. Cìbiel i, They that are fo merely linked together as fubieEts of one Kingdome,branches of one Vine, members of one Body, &c. may infallibly know the elation and regene- ration each of other. But the elth regenerate are thus neerely linked together, Ergo. 4n fw, The Pre potation is utterly falte: this neereneffe ofe our '%44;14:.s`a'w`. ÌQÌ' "q Y6%>+P