Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

CHAe.t. Epifllesothe beffánw'r coniun Lion is no fufficient caufe of infallible knowledge of eleftion or regeneration; more then of the perfons, 1 thoughts, tpeeches,fecret anions one of another. Why may I not as well realbn thus ? They that are Citieens of one Citie, branches of one Vine, members of one Body, may know infallibly the perfons, names, fecret aftions,fpeeches, thoughts, each of others. But, the t' Spirits of the iuf made pet feE1 in bedues, all Gods people difperfed farre and wide ouer the face ofthe whole earth, are thus neerely linked together:therefore they may know the perfons, names, fecret anions; fpec- ches, one of another. And fo it (hall no longer be true that hay bath, 9 A- 8 R A H A M kkO2VeS VSstet, and ISRAEL LS tgnan/nt of vi; nor need.Papifts any longer talke of a fpeculwmTrinitatis, orrelation of Angels, or Coyle themtelues to detif e a meane of conueying our prayers, mentali or vocal] vnto the Saints departed; we haue all in a fhorr compendium, thenighneff'e of the bond; dead and hiring Saints are lin- ked, as members in one body; therefore may know each o thers wants, thoughts, anions; as well I dare lay by this Argument, as we,one the election & regeneration of an- other.Sir,let me know of you, 11th the Argument it felfe airoords not by any venue in it, your Conclu(on; How it is more auaileable to inforce knowledge of eleftion, then knowledge of mens perfons, anions, &c. linked in this bond ? or where you find Gods Spirit, declaring the vision and communion with the Father, and Sonne, and one with another, inferre as you doe, that therefore wee may thus infallibly know each others eleftion? The du- ties of loue, companion, r communicating gifts, &c each to others benefit,' finde in Scripture lometimes inferred from this ground : the infallible knowledge of each o- therseleftion or regeneration,] finde no where enforced out of our neere coniunttion. C 1