Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

á1hp,iUw s áN` '"esikt0,6),Sk i i`é;3d". R ao Cm AP.! . tin Expo fitienvpon the fill V z 1.4 { c The fecond reafon taken from predictions of Prophets; It was prop'ieeied that the Elea regenerate firould infal- libly know each others election : therefore they may in- fallibly know each others election. That Confcguence is ñrme. But-where liane we the Antecedent? Etech.q4 -v. 23.1' They /hall teach my people the difference betweene the holy and prephane, and cufe them to difcerne betweene the vncleane' and the cleans. lßnfw, r But 6rrl,the man is deceiucd in Ailing this a prophecy: It is no predi1-ienof what (hall bee, but a prefcription of what fliould boo, as appeares to any man comparing the Veyfst,:s. Verles foregoing and following; as that they fhalmarry no widow, nor drinks wine, &e. foretelleth nothing, but prefcribes Lawes: whether to Pricls of lewes, or Mini - f}ers ofthe new Tef}ament, or Parlors in the Church of the Iewes,in the time of their reflauration,is guefliotaed among(( Interpreters. Secondly, but the queftions are, Era, wh ether this discerning be betwixt things clean and vncleane,or betwixt perfons dleane and vncleane.Second- ly, whether of cleánnetle Legall,andExternali,or Leuiti- calls or of cleannelfe- Internal/ and Moran. Thirdly, if of perlons cleannelfe and vncleannef ., whether of their 4iiiens,or State. Thee things fo different and various, as they are, fhould, mee thinks, not thus confufeelly bee fhuffled together: bee is -not ignorant, I thinks ( though fteait. Ir. ignorant enough)that there were of heafls f ióme clean:, force vncleane; as well in refpec of facrifce, as of pri- uate vfe: for eating, wherein this Indas lying Rabbin is become fo curious,thathe can reuiue the old ceremonial prohibition again(( eating S wines flefh,and yet fn caute- lous for his owneskinne, that he, though an Hog - hater, yet is no louer of Circumcifion. But to proceed with our Dif'tinEtion, there was of perlons likewise, an vnclean- i, 1 33 netl'eLeuiricall, by leprole,flux, touching of a dead s4, corps, and the like:if of this cleannetre and vncleannetfe of