Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C ti A P. I. Epìflle to the T'heffálonians. V a n. ç. 2 of things,the Text be vnderftood;what is the difcerning hereof to the infallible knowledge of eleftion ? if of per - Ions, in refpeft of Legali and Leuiticall cleannefie or pollution; how roucheth this the queflion ? firh thefe things might bee difcerned by fenfe; and the perfòn le- gally defiled, might yet be regenerate; the perfòn legal- ly cleane, an vnregenerate Cathaway. But yeeld we it fpoken of Miniflers, and people of the new Teflament, in typical! rearmes of the Law; there is yet nothing inferring power of infallible difcerning ele- Ction or regeneration of others: we can reach the people what is true, what is falle; what is orthodoxe, what he- reticall; what pious, what impious in doflrine : what is holy,whatvnholy; what good and euill in manners; and lo teach them that they may infallibly iudge of thefe differences of things, the Scripture hauing prefçribed o forme of wholefome doíhrine. Butfollowes it thence that they may infallibly know each others regeneration ? In no cafe: yeeld it 1poken ofperfons; there is a clean - neffe of tli a outward life;there is a cicannefre oleic hart, as there is a t filthinere of the flefb, and fpirit; Idolaters, 't z cera. t, Fornicators, vniuft perfons, &c. that are each habitually, in their outward life, wee teach to bee yr cleave : and to h'aue U no part r,or snheritMance in the kingdome of Chriff, and a Ephef f. f: of God, while they are filch : yea particular alts of thefe i emts 5,10. foule finnes,make them vncleane,quoad nos,till Inch time as they haue ratified repentance; yet God forbid, wee fhould thinke euery particular aft of vnholine(fe, to eui- dence a nu llitie of fancaification. In like fort where wee fee the life outwardly reformed, care to depart from eue -. ry knowne euill, to doe euety good duty of picnic, 1n brietie, iuftice, charitie; though there be tome intercur- rent infirmities, we teach Gods people, to efleemethem holy; but is this ef}imarefo infallible, that they may not erre therein? or is the cleannelTe of the outward lite, an C 3 vn-