Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

,. C a A p,I, Epiftle to the 7'heffalonians. V E R. g.. 37 aEts of Righteoufine!Te can be concluded to Are out ofa fanetifiedhearr,that flow not from m the loueofGOD; mscor.s.14: confcience of theCommandernent;defre and intention to glorifie God; tell me, if you can, whither your Her- n,Siiat.5.t6. cules, or any other of your Setl,praying with their Cen- taures voyce, and tumbling out in Prayer what euer comes into their Budgets, doe it to glorifieG O D, or to whine Prayfe from men ? Et eris mihi magnres APOLLO. Thirdly, To know our owne Eleftion and Regenerati- on is difficult:therefore to know other mens impofíible; oGiue diligence to make your Calling and Elellionfare; It oz Per. !Jo. is a taske of much toyle and paines; fùch diligence elfe had not beene enioyned by the Apoftle, a ?roue your P,a Cer,13.5; (clues whetheryou be in the faith; examine your ownefelures, he doubles the exhortation, to intimate, that its not a fingle fearch will feruc to procure aifurance : and weigh but thefe Reafòns : FirPc,our willingneife to bee decei- ued,and flatter our felues, in nothing more, then in our fpirituall cítate, Secondly, the fi<nall meafure of Grace comparariuely to the matie of corruption dwelling in our members. Thirdly, connterfeirs of fauing Grace approaching fo neere the nature of it. As to diicerne a graine of Mt.frard feed in a heape of chafe, or in a :mire of other feeds neere of kin unto it,f o difficult is into dif. ceine,grace in our owne hearts. Fourthly, the whole bodie of Gnue rmuff be mortified, curry member of the old man mortified in a meaiùrc. q All graces accompa- q z r.;, 3 Hying faluarion in their number,though not in their de- 9. grey, ccmplet, muff be had, and difccrned to bee had of him that will be flue cf his Elation and Calling. Fiftly, to which if wee adde consideration of our partial! detlr- nations,frequentinterruptions of the exercife of Gifts receiued,the biting and flowing ofGrace in our heart, together wits the experience of all Gods Children;that arc truly filch : wee (hall fee it is no idle mans imploy- nrent,