Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

28 C H A P.I. An Expofation upon thefirf2 V att. 4 ment, to procure and maintaine airrurance of his owne E1eetion. And hhall we thinke it fo eafie to difcerne ano- ther mans ? Thetaske is ear' e, if Mailer Trashefay true; permit we our tellies to the infpeelion of him or his dif- ciples,we (hall prefently attaine that alfurance,that with fo many (ighes and groves, and thong cryes and teases, wee fcarce at lafl procure in any meafure of infallibilitie orvndoubtfull certainty. Fourthly, Confider the manner of afcending'to aíI'u- rance of Ele&ion and Saivation, wherein I mayiuf}ly fufpect,thefe men are yet vncatechized, the conclufion will caíìy appeare.It is by difcourfe; theground wher- of GODS Spirit layes downe in Scripture in generali Propoftions. The afTumption is made by our owne fpi- rits aflifled and fan(tifyed by the Spirit of God : Sup - rá00.14,17. pole thus: r They that are led hy the Sorritof God ,. are the Sons of God, and heires annexed with (krill, J am led by the Spirit of G od : I therefore a Child of God and Heire' fHeb. f,g, of Saluation,in like fort. Clary; is f Author ofSaluation to allthat obey hin, : I obey him,therefore to mee -is Chrift Author ofSaluarion. The propofition we are afT'ured of cm/kale/me fidei,the. afJ'umption,onely certitudineexperientie, out of that tat }e we haue had of Gods goodnetfe, and experience of his Spirits power in fanelifying vs. Can I ieele, and expe- rimentally know the impretlions of Gods Spirit in ano- ther mans heart ?. tafle I the fweetnefTe another feeles in Gods infufion of his loue into his heart, by the Holy Ghofl giuen .unto him ? Is my Confcience witnetfe of Gods wayes to another mans foule, orofthe ah- ons ofanother mans heart? If not, where is mine in- fallible knowledge of another mans Eleetion and Re- e Hejea 2.17. generation? That Manna is abfconditurn : that is, faith an Ancient, the fweetnes felt of Chritls dwelling in the foule, is not feene of any, but felt of the cater; the name j on the white fiene none (vowel bnt bee that receives tt : the bene-