Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C,t P. I. Epàftle to the 7 beffaloxiiatas. V a R. ,ç. 29 ben°Gt ofadoption is not knowne but by experience. Fiftly,I would now tell him our of 1eremie, how u dt ceitfull rho heart of man is about all things; who can know it ? but that he hach forettalled tree; profc1ling that in this iudgment he harh not to do with the heart,but with the 'Spirit that fanEtifierh the h cart. Bait, good S ir,will you difèerne fo infallibly the Spirit fan(fying the heart,and not fee the heart he fanafreth ? ftdens tuam. No,thac is not the meaning; But this knowledge hereceiueth not from mens hearts;bur from the Spirit that fearcf cth the hearts and tryes the reines. From the Spirit? I demand (peaking to him in the Word, or by feeret infpiration Nonredoles, fed des. I atrure you, you Imell f }rongly of the Enthufiafineof Anabaptifts & familifts,the fathers of your FaEtion. And of the queftion thus fare : It re- maines now to bce enquired whether Paad fpeakcs after Judgment of infallibility;& not rather of that of charity. Of that of Chatirie onely, was and is my relolution: The Reafons rhefe: The certainty and fîrmneffe of per fwafion exprelTed in the terme of knowledge,hc extends to all in this Church of Thctíalonica : for for them all he giues rhankes, Verle a. And was his periwalion fo in- fallible of all in this Church? A ftrange Church, vilìble was in this City, and fiach I dare fay, as the earth neuer yet aorded,ìnce men were tiultiplyed on ir;wherein was nox Chaj fe mingled with the Wáeate; no Y rarer a- mong(} the goodConte. tin ¡mid in agro dici pote , quid palets ad Triticum, g aando eadem radice portantnr ? Nun - quid in area,vbi paririr triturantur ? Sed of que in horreo, gruidpaleirad Triticsarn, laid Saint e./yuvrfiue tA;cetly? The priniledge of Heaucn it is, as of Gods Granarieco rcceiue Wheat onely without Chiffe; In the Field they grow together; in the floore, they are tllreihed to- gether; the fcparation is not made till they come to the Granarie. In the Arke wasa Chatn,in Abrahams,, Family an Ifhmael; in C n RI s T s Schoole` amongfk the wler, 17. g. zMst.3. Is. I3,16 tont. E. pi fl.srerten.lib. I3 ,cap 3