Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

Ca AP. I. Bpifle to the ThelJalam14w. V a A.; ee there, where was no confcience nor care of ho- linetre. Ir is a firangekinde of charity I haue heard of in fore men; perfwaded, that though Pagans and In- fidels thall be damned, yet not any Chide of the vifi- ble Church (hall perith : a nrange rule for charity to walke by, in judgement of Ele tion ; to bee borne in the Church is now become a marke infallible of Eleai- on to life : what is then become of that of lohn Baptf ? there is not otiely Wheate, but b chafe is the pore, whole portion is vnquenchable fire. Jr is no: to bee doubted,but the Children of the Church haue, forne of them, C greater damnation, then many Aliens that know not God. Secondly, not much vnlike is their errour and im- pudeuce,that for outward conformitie fake to work es of Religion, in like blindnctrcofloue, allow to thofe they fancic, opinion offoundneire; yea, of zeale al b for God. A religious zealous Gentleman, for a frequent hea- rer of Sernaons, though in the meanetime the tongue be tainted with common (wearing, the body with fou- len vncleannelfe, the hands with violence and oppref- lion : I fay not much of other things, but thus I rhinke I may fudge : A common outragiou.s fwearer bath no foundnetrc in him of the feare of God. d Sweare not at all, Paid die A pollle,lel ye fall into hy!pecrifre: as if the cunomeof fwcaring did eate out all 6ncericy; and the ouer -much famiharitie with the Name of G O D in that kind,emprie the heart of all fare of his dreadfull Name, and made vs moere Pormalifis in Religion. Thirdly,this alto ;fiords vs Tuft Apologie, and an- Ewer to that vfuall imputation ofcenforioufnefTe and rah judgement charged on vs by profaner men, when wee pronounce onely the fenterce palled by GODS Word vpon their aaionssforfooth wemutt, as Adrabam D a bclecue 35 b Mat.;. Ia. c matai .13, 24 d tames f. 1Z. 3.. e' 's