Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

iàìrst. k " ----- Cu A p, i. Expogtion vpon the RI V E x.s 36 e Mat. 12.,33, 34, 35. fzCer.3.r8. belceueaboue hope: and fudge quite contraty to our e. uidence. We mutt belecue the heart is chafte,when the mouth-foiles out nothing but filthinefle, and Ipeech not to be named; we mull thinke they have faith of the fir. met },that haue no knowledge, nay, defpife inflruftion, that they are lorry for their fìnnes,if they fay fo, though we fee in them practice filch as Salomon fpcakes of, m.e- k,ng ¡sorts of ins, and triumphing that they can do mifehiefe. But bath nor our Sauiour taught vs to fudge of the foun- raine by the ftreames? of the affe& ion s by Ipeeches and a£tions ? e Can a goodtree bring forth bad fruit ? affoords a purified heart , nothing but filthy and vncleane afui- ons? Let good be good;euill,euill: And thus thinke, though charity be not cauflefly f iufpicious, yet neither is it foolilhly blind. The euidences themfelues now follow. Firft,. is the power of Pants Miniftery ; Oisr Gofiell Ira! not in word only hut inpower. Their Gofpellthey call meronymically their preaching ofthe Golpell, as Rom. 2.16, It is raid to be in word one/y, when the found thereof rings in the care, or at moll reached] to the vnderf anding;working therein forre litcrall notices and apprehenfion of the things taught : Inpower.when irpierceth into the heart, and preuailes with the affe&ions, lb farre, as to worke a change of the whole man ; and to f transforme him into_ the Image of God. This vertue and power of the Gofpeltgoes »irk Paula's a markeofElection, is fps queftionle(ie, where it preuailes toConuerfon. In the power and pi euailing of Gods Word may feuen degrees be difhnguillicd. Firft, Con- uincing. Secondly, Terrifying. Thirdly, Thorow- ly humbling Fourthly, Delighting, Fiftly,Reftray- ning. Six tly, Partially reforming. Seuenrhly ;Tho- rowly renewing. Firfl',Ie is powerfull to conuince when it fo faire pre- uailes with the Judgment and Vnderflanding, that the i4ca- F.-`°:.t :rtr.+fweir:t l.í,1'jrAblr' sees :.Q) 'a-. w.:...Xt a .. . ._. :