Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

(CHAP I. Ejtileto the Thejalonians, V ait.s. 37 Hearers cannot but confetfe,it is true t hat is taught;and dare nor open their mouth es to contradict it. Thu; fare preuailed Stephen with Lsbertires and fyrenians, by cleere evidence of Truth ; that they were not able to greff> ZtbeWífdor e and Spirit by which befp :ake.Anddpel- g 6.1o. las mightily h conttinced the Iewes,Jhhewing by Scriptures that Iefut mas that Cbrifi. . h AM c 8. 1,8, Secondly,To terrifie: when palling from the vnder- ftanding to the Confcience,it ftrikes it with horror and feare ofwrath due forinne.Sovertuall was the 1peech of Paul a Prifoner, in the heart of his fudge, that hee ¡trembles to heare him Create of Temperance, Iufl ice, and i A-14 241.,Z5: the Iudgement to come. Thirdly,Thorowly to hunible;when all k high thoughts k 2 cot 104. of felfe- righteoulhelie are call. donne : and the guildnetTe of !inn:: feelingly acknowledged; men yeelding them- felues culpable of eternal! condemnation ; the iliues whereof are' perplexities, and remedilefe feares in Tome f ac7s z, utter & fin all defperarion,as we haue infiance in m Cain. w Gee =3. Fourtlaly,To delight;when the heart is affected with Come kinde off'wcct tafle and relifh in the good Word of Çod,and is taken with force kinde of reioycing and de- light therein,as we read of thole n temporary beleeuers; to Mat whom may bee added thofe the Apotle faith 0taflethe oreb.6.5 good Word of God, 1- iencefollowes delire fonsewhatea- ger to be farther acquainted therewith, till Inch time as perfecution arifeth for the Gofpell. Fiftly,To reflraiae;when it becomes a bridle to with- hold and curbe the head-ftrong inclination to euill; f o that corruption breakes not forth into ancient outrage; whether through feare of wrath confcicnce' is ftriken withal!; or P hope to partake the glorious recompence of , Heb. 6 Gods Children : or thame,in the Church of God to bee noted of impiety. Sixtly, To reforme in part; when in forne particulars it preuayles to worke obedience in politiuc duties; D 3 as