Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

`i _iZ:; BG? "?3!,r9l11; '14T - 1 `r.`. ß, 38 \ CHAP.!. Art Expo f tion vpon the ftrf# V E R.5 v5 q Mirk as c Herod in many things heard lohn Baptifl. Seuenthly, In none of there degrees finde wee the pledge of Eleaion ; euen Cati- awayes haue thus farte felt the power of the Word. But when a man can lày,his confcience bearing him wirnefie through the Holy Ghof, the difpofidon of his heart is throrowly altered and changed, from Prophanneife to Holinefhe; and that 2 cor.3. . he hathfofeenetheface ofgod, t hat rheistransformedin- to the fame ImagefrcmFlory toglory; that man bath, if Pau/could udge, apledge infallible of his eleaion to life. Si non fol tm compungeris in femme illo, fed do. conuer- can. terir totes ad 'Dominum,iurans d- fiatuens cuflodire indicis tic.Serm. 57.Ád iteflitia eiu ; etiamadef fe ipfum iam n®ueris , pnefertim f'te loom. inardefcere fertras amoreeins. It fhall behooue vs, as many as defire to make our Calling and EleElion lure ro our felues,to inquire whe - ther in this degree w.e haue felt the Word of God po- wcrfull in our foules. It islomething, when we can fay, wee haue felt the terrors of the Lord in the Confcience; frmething,that we hauebeene humbled & preifed with the burthen of our fins; fomthing,that we feele corrup- tion reftrained, our hues though but in part reformed; If there Grace make a period, thus farrc yet it aduanta- geth men, vt mitiusardeant: But of thy Saluarion,and Ele&ion to life.thou haft no full euidence, till thou haft felt Gods Word powerful] to c' ange and renew thee,af ter the Image of him that created thee. And that is the thing intimated in the next particular. Andin the Holy Gho ft. There be that conceit the Apo file to vnderfland the extraordinary gifts of' the Holy Ghofl, in Primitive Church giuen by laying on of the Apoilles hands,as thole of tongues,prophefie, &c. Chry- f /{cane and T heodoret better expound i t,that gif; of God, that worke'of his Spirit,wherby they were borne an w and fanElified:For as touching ehofe other gifts,though excellent and extraordinal.,yet were they noeuidences of !T' wr -a:s=.^'1.±.O,b ...:"."!Srq-°C,.x+`" .__...+1