Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

jj- CHAP.!. E p i fl l e te the 2 h e f f a l v s a i a s a s , V s ß. S 39 ofEleE?rion,fiith many fCaft -wares haue beetle partakers flldat. z ,Z3. thereof: And as.many of Gods Chofen haue been with Laake, to.20, out then', Thr Holy Ghofi therefore vnderftaad,renewing and fanNiCying them. This then let be obferued as an vndonbtfnll euideace of Obfir. Elelfíen, from whence a man may conclude infallibly his owne choice to life, and charitably entertatne like periwafionofo_hers: in whom he (e' probable cuiden- cesrhereof. When God ispleafed fofarreto tnagnife the tIohn 17.17. potter of has Word inour hearts, as t thereby to fetil?c fie v r : tmplyeth nor our Sautour fo much, when praying for it to his Father, he limits it to themoncly, that according to Eleíuion of Grace hee had g ucn him out of the World ?and excludes the World? And what elfe meanes Paul, when he makes Regeneration as it were an ac`ïuall putting vs in polhctü:n of S auatian ? Hee lath a famed u it. 3. r. vs by the wafhing ofthe new birth, X J --axed vs and cal ed vs x 2- T'iror. I.y. with a holy C fling; by this Calling whereby we are made holy, gt men vs poll'cfiion ofsaluarion in the be- ginnings thereof. The morefirange is that conclufion maintained by ZJfe r, papilbs and others, that Sai iflcatioil is incident into very Reprobates; that Cafi- awayes as well as GODS Cholen are partakers of the renewing of the Holy Ghoil, Mee rhinkes then it matt bee, they are tritely and really 'wilted vnto Ch if$; for how cite partake they his Spirit to iimetifie them ?Are they :anc`fi5ed that haue not his Spirit? or hue they his Spirit that are not members of him? or cife is it true that SanEl`ifcation is a prcui- ledge peculiar to the EleCt? Thus think°; other GI aces as illumination,&c. they may partake that are not knit vnto Chrifi;Yadc.gwfitionto fänCificarion may be vouch- yHcb.6. fzfed vnto thertt:they may haue it in fieri,not infar<íoeffe. The truth or rooted ibundues thereof, how can they partake ?lith they partake not then Oy'nementof off A A_ zD a1,a33z. D 4 at o N, e