Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

i1!!JS.0L7R+%Et1. `941'' 40 z%. Hab. 6.4,Ç. t <f bIobn 17.59. CH e r.I : 4n Expofltion vpon the f i r f f V 1st s R ON, that are fcarce his excrements;. nor lb neere him,' as the skirts of hie clothing. And if any patTages_of Scrip- tures feeme to found another way, and to tetttte- the--ni a fanEhfied;they meane,Firft,facramentally.Sccondly,or putatiuely.Thirdiy,or at moil by way of difpofition. This ground therefore let vs hold firme,that truth of Sanaifcation fais into no Reprobate;is the peculiar pri-! uiledge of Gods Chofen. Can wee thereout allume;'. that we are fantti6ed? the conclufon will follow ftrme- ly,therefore we are eleCted. The maine difficulty Bands in difcerning our Sanftification; And is made fo much the greater, by things fo like and fo neere of kinne veto ir, that without exact skill it is hard to cut a difference. Tv o things there are efpecially,Cognatefantfitati. Firf't, is Ciuilirie,or as we commonly terme ic,ciuilI honeftie: The fecond, Grace rei$rayning. It may bee they differ only as the cattle and the effott;Ciuility,as force thinke, being the fruit of refiraynieg Grace : let vs yet dillinE&- ly inquire of them, and their difference horn true San - &irie. Betwixt Ciuiliry and SanCtiñcation obra uc thefe i differences. Fitft, Ciuility is oft wrought by metre morali educa- tion according to naturali principles,without any know-1 ledge or ;ö nm_ h as defire to bee acquainted with th-ee,1, Word of God. So fee wee many, following that rule': of the Law of Nature; Wbat thon srauldf} not hose done ìë thee,doe not thon toethers,carefuil of common honeftjein matters of contra& and tiafficke with men,liuing in obe- dience to Ciuill Lawes, reftrained from Drunkenneffe, W horedome, and the like Enormities; though vtterly vnacqua.inredwith the Word of God.... Sane`tification,though it incline to careful] obferuance of the fame duties,yet not by Ariffosles Morall Precepts, but by b the Word of God. And this wee may boldly fey, A dull Chriftian obfcruing there duties without know- ledge . ,