Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C 11 A P. 1. Epiflle to theThefälarians. V a R. 5. 4 ledge of their Iniunc ion in the Word of God; is as farte from San uification, as were Heathen Moralif}s; Gth they alto out of the fame grounds performed like duties. Secondly, vfually it is obfèruable: Ciuilitie flayes, if not onely, yet principally in duties of the fecond Ta- ble: where the light of Nature is cleeref}. For matters of Pietie, ifany bee obferued, it 'is but ceremonioufly, and fo farm as they tend to preicrue credit and efleem of moderatemen, in thole focieties whereof they are mem- bers. TrueSanetity as confcionably obferues duties ofc ty, as of/al/ice, and Charitie, and is as careful! to giue d veto God the things that are Gods, as unto Cz SA R, and Neighbour what belongs vnto them. Thirdly, Ciuilitie f}ayeth for moll: part in Negatiues, in abilinence from euill,thinkes it Charitie enough,not ! to impaire the wealth of the Neighbour; though his e- t faate bee not fupported by any worke of Liberalitie and I Mercie. In Religion, fuflìcient itfeemes to profefle diflike of Poperie, though they be vtterly ignorant in Rudiments of Orthodoxe Faith,& grounds of- pure worfhip ofGod. True holinetfeteacheth not onely to efehew euill, but etedoegood. And though it know Abflin:nce from mill a necell^ary branch of Chriftianirie, yet hath learned withal!, that the life of'true Vertue frauds in ae`tion. Fourthly, Ciuilitie reacheth not beyond the outward man, the Pharifes principle is known e,f efldultery in the fait is oney forbidden: that in the thought and of tIlion free. Sanilification goes euer the whole of the whole man, the whole Spirit,and Souk, and Body is throughout fantlified. And thefe are fotne differences twixt Sanï}i- tie and Ciuilitie. See if from the other Coufln, reffrayning Grace,wec may be able to difcerne ir. Firf}, c Tit. 2.12.. d t , e r Bet.s.r 1. fit/Li/J.5. g a T1ie1.S.13.