Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

i y'Ii YA ` cIQNi1 / . r'CI ÌJ4iiiikw .EA, . i1Vl" , Y. 42. ErPja/.z;ó iRanv,7.z3. k i Cor,b, Aug -de visit. Detlih.s.cap,i C n A P.I. An Expo ìtion vpon the f t r f t V a ú. S. Firf, ReflrayningGrace, if it bee onely rellrlyning, hath inir painerulnetre; inward dilconcenrment at the bridle, God puts into their mouches. GODS Word is Bands; his Law has Cords; as ftomackef ,:l Edo les are kept in with the bridle,yet force at the Bit,that r.tlraines them: So The hear t truly fanítified, is defrous to be rellrained; yea, if it werepoliìble, to haue incünatrons ro er:illy teuly aboliflaed.This they count their mil rj, nor that Beth is bridled, but that it hat» ló much liberty it to robe:] a- oainft the law ofthe mink. Secondly, Men reftrained onely, not fanétiFed, delire to extend their libe: tie as farre aspollibly may b.e, with any colour or thew of lawfulnelfe, the thin:: once yeel- ded lawful], they feeme niceties not to be Itou, upon, ro inluire after expediencie, or with what limits and bounds they are lawfùll in anion. Thole Scriptures and Preachers pleafe beft,that feeme aloft to promrle and per- mit Liberty. A man truely fanffified, chooleth rather k to fubff$ within his bounds, then in any degree to exceede limits of lawuil Libertie: And is of his minde that laid, It is better to hue where nothing, then where all things-are lawfull. Thirdly, No final' difference arifeth out of the Grounds of their abflaining from euill, which in the re- !trained, are feare or lenfe of Gods wrath; of Magittrates Sword, Infamie and the like.Sometímes, Tome one Ma- tter-Intl which they delire to feed;arc loth to crntlè, for whole fake they curbe %heir other inordinate aff'E3iotas, that they brcake nor out into outrage, as Auguftine faith, the ancient Romans were rettrained from Intem- perance, Iniuftìce,Couctoufhctre, by that infinite Luft they had after glory and large Dominions; C',etenru cr pi- aitates buitu vnttis in .enti cupiditate pre f ferunt. The fanEified man efchewes euill, becaufe it is cud!, and