Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H A P.1. Epiftle t o the T heffalonians. V g R. S. and difplea(ng onto God, whole Touehee hathhadlo plentiful) experience of hef ores the Lord and his 4good- neffe: trembles at his offence becas fe m ofhis mercy: The loue of Chrift as it after a fort conftraines to du tie, fo reftraines from euill. Fourthly, the refrained, when meanes of reftraint are once rernoued, grow licentious, none more, as longing to quench their long thirft after eu:li: when n there IV& no King in Ifrael,and the people left to doe, ester, man n,hàt feemedgoodinhù orene eyes , then fell thefe bridled hypo- crites, ro vnbridled Tufts, Sodomie, Idolatrie,what not? The fanttified are a law vnto themielues, as thine ex- pound the place. The Law is not giseen ° to the rtghteotts; he needs it not as a bridle by the tcrrours of ir,though as a Diretter by the Doctrine. There are fume helps to dif- cerne truth of fanetification, from the counterfeits of it in Ciuilians, and men reftrained. There is annexed hereto a feco -nd effect of their Mini - fterie and power thereof; their full afTurance, their much fullaffxrance: Whereof? of the diuine Truth of the Go- fpell taught them, by Panland his alIociares.They make - it of two forts, firft, general!: fccondly, particular, of whether the Text muff bevndcrf nod, is a qucftion. í thinke of both. Where the clueftion is,whether this vndotbtfull and full a ffìtrance or the Truth oldie Gofpell be peculiar ro Gods choler, : Thus I thinke wee may refolue, by diftin- Iguilhingtite degrees of thentinds affent in this kind,thus they are;the firft is called commonly Sufpician, more fitly: conictfnre: a lighter inclination jntipropenfion of the mind to the Go!pell,aspoffbly or probably true: the fe- cond; Opinion, wherein the mind is ftronglyy fwayed to thinke it true, but not without Ibme feare of the contra- ry. Thirdly, the third they call Faith; a firme and on- doubtful perfwauon oft': °: Truth ofthe Gofpell :which aifo hate its latitude: not only in the point of adherence, but' 11111miarir 43