Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

44. C H A P. I, An Expoft'tinn vpon theftrfEi V E R. j but in this of afTent. Here wee reade ofnP9toeíz, much fulnefle of atíurance; in other places of' an o'u ,07275-id, little faith. Thus I thinke : Though the minds of Cafáa- wayes and vnfanfìified men,may be potrefred with fetled opinion of the Gofpcls Truth,and foconuinced thereof, that they are not able reafonably to contradict it;yet that peol.z. s. P riches o f a furance ofthe vnderpaneling to the acknowledge- ment of the mjflcrieof Chrift, is peculiar to Gods chofen. I may erre, but there reafons fway me:firftjc is wrought 9 rhil.i, 9. by q experienceandfsnfe of the truth thereof. Secondly, r z lob,p. 6, imparted by the Spirit of God: '' It is the Spirit which te- j? ifiet h, that the Spirit ti Truth. Thirdly, the fruit of it, me thinkes, euidenceth ir,to wit, firmeadherenceandclea- wingto thegoodneffe apprehended in that Truth, fuch as that no violence of perfeeutions is able to remoue. As touching that orher,which they call partictllar,it is fo peculiar to Gods chofen, that no Reprobate partakes in it: to riches and muchfulneffe of afurance, few eucn of Gods children afcend. To further vs to that generali full afi-urance, there are í& 13. helps afforded to ,Gods children:firit, the fad comfort and confolation this Gofpell affoords the confcience, prefled with fenfe of Gods wrath due for (inne. Secondly, that rauilliing of the affc uions to loue of this Truth, fo firange and fupernaturall, that whereas there is fcarce a- tRem. 8.7. ny anti pathie in nature greater, then that betwixttmSans heart in nature, and the Word of God; now a man is fo affe- c`Ied with it, that the dearefi: blood is parted withal], ra- ther then the lea} jot ofthe Truth of the Gofpell.Third- ly,thar change fo adm' able it workes in the whole man, from (inne to righteou nelre.Thefe few Precepts ofGod, Lafiaat, defall ä faith Lakantiva,f© change the whole man,and make him Sapiau.lib.3, new, that you can hardly know him to bee the fame. A cap. z7, 1 thing which Philofophieharh much laboured in, but could neuer atchieue. The vtmoft their morali wifdome reacheth vnto,is this,it hides linnes rather then remoues them; %s,i°:.s,:-`°.1+'q.Y