Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C» A p. i. Epifile to the? heplottians. V a R.6 . them; Sapientia corm vt plarimúm efficiat, non exfcindit vitiated abfcondit. Thefe effects of the Word of God,are more auaileable to worke this fulnefe of aflurance, then any tefbmony ofthe Church,howeuermagnified by Pa- pifls; and to fay truth, a great argument : but can an hu- mane tef} imò ny ,being,firfl,variable:fecondly, potTibly erroneous, giue full fatitfaCtion to the minde that doubt- ed)? ludicentdab. And of tilde euidences of eleflion thus farre, out of 'Fault appeale to his hearers hearts, for record of this Truth, òccurres nothing, that I dare do- &rinally deliuer to the Church of God. Vaxs. 6. And yee because followers of vs and of the Lord, hauing receiuted the Word im much 'apt-lion with ioy; of the holy Ghofi, Nother probable euidence which Paul followed in his charitable iudgernenr, is here exprefTed; and fers forth their holy G other before me-tioned, were gifts ofGod feared in the heart; themani- feftation of them is here explained. The particulars are three. Firfl, their anion, they were fol- lowers. Secondly,the patternes they imitated,vs and the Lord.Thírdly,the thing wherein they imitared,or as the words maybe alto conceiued, the Antecedent, or caufe mouing them to imitation, receiving theWord;which alfb is amplifed &fer forth to their commcndation,by men- tion, flrfl, of the caufe naturally hindring,or oppofite to receiuing the Word, in3nttchaff?iílion. S econdly, by the manner of it, with ioy of the holy Ghof1. From the coherence and fcope of the Tcxt,arifeth this obferuation. It is fotnethinc favouring of Grace, and no le(V f e then fnpernatura: , to tame the apifb inclination of our nature to 45 -----..... Obier.