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s'S3tt7?Jäíl:'kw x s,,;i?°"<c:t.eC' ¡ ±34-,.í +1 46 Cu A P. I . An Expo f tion upon the firft V a R.6. to imitation, to the con:serfation of the Saints; and to make choifè of them for our parternes.The complaint is an- cient in Seneca, that commonly men hue notad rationem, but adfsmilitudiaem : And as beafts, follow the droue offoregoers, non quâeundum eft, fedquâ itur: plaufibly wee thinke bell, what is receiucd by common content, and whereof we haue moil examplcs;that error the Hea- then noted, though the caufe thereof hee knew not, nor obferued all: Through the vicious difpotition of our hearts it is come to patre, that the wora examples haue our greatefl allowance,and good things thereforefeeme euill, becaufe praCtifed by good men. It argues fbme change of our hearts naturali temper, to choofe out bell men to be our precedents: Befides,confider we,Grft, the naturali u enrnitie 6etweene the two feedes. Secondly, how x defpicable the perfous of Gods children are in the eyes of the world. Thirdly, the common efteeme of their holy courfes amongfl men in the flefh,cenfùring them' at madnef e. Jr mull needes bee acknowledged fomeching more then nature affoords,fo farre to honour the S,;.inrs, as to choofe them for patternes,and fo to prefer in judge - ment their conucrfation, as to addict our felues to walke in their Reps. To which if we adde confideration of the lot of Gods Saints, and the hard tearmes they vndergoe that vndcr, take their courfes,in contempt and other heauier z affi- éiions : It is apparently fupernaturall to vow our felucs theirfollewcrs. What carnall man befooles nor c21fs his choi'é, a preferring theafil-ted eflate of Gods children, Gcfore allthe prefermcrts PHARAOHS Court could af- foord him ? and who rightly iudging, confefferh nor, Grace wrought this wonder ? He (hall cuergoe with mein repute of a Sainr,thar li- mits his life to the p afticc of fuch precedents. Andwerefollowersof vi, &c. In their fait confide- red apart, is obferuablc our dutie: Thus to honour the Saints Sencet de váta beata,cap.t. u Gen. 3. t S x i Cor.4,t3. y Sap. s. 4, z z T;m.3. 12, aHeb.ti.z5. w r T, ;x!1;*It *.Tow- --- :! ..a... rxt-wi/. lei*J?°:,>.,. °- ---i