Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

Cr4AP.I Epifíle to the Theffalonianr, V 2 R.6. 47 Sa`antsli,ing and dead, eminent in gracious pratlice, by fol- lowine- their holy example. Therefore faid I AMEs, b Take bl the Praphetsfor example of patience. P AV L claymcs to himfelfe this honour c ofimitation: dchargeth Gods people c 744.3.17. to affoord it to their Pafiors. d neh. r3 '. The Lord bath dealt mercifully with vs, in prouiding vs all helps conueni& for our faluati on. Two fences there are of learning,fightandhearing; they are neither of them without their measles of inftruïtion. As ro our hearing he bath furnifhed vs with e Paflors, to feed vs with know- a ier.3. r 5, ledge and vnderlandiag,and giuen vs in our Temples,as to Lewes inWilderneile,frhe voyce ofCryers,Trepare the way f. 3iatt.3. ;, of the Lord;fo to our fight hee hark laid open the booke of Scriptures; the great Booke of his Creatures, where- in the rudeft may reade his$ power and wifedome in plaine Charafters written; the praetice of his Saints whofe con- uerfation we may fee, tracing out vnto vs the way that leads v nto life, therein prouiding, not onely the honour of his cminent Saints:but our inflruaion Sc encourage- ment to nthtic, for theferealonsefpecially:firdt,know- ing how naturally we are addiltcd to imitation; .& how examples more moue then NA ords,as Bernard Laid, diorefi operis,guRno orzá vox : In this he would not he wan- ting vnto vs; that ifwee will needes be imitating, wee may haue loch patternes, as fhali not mine -cade vs into errour. Secondly, betides, left any fhould bee with opi- , nion ofinfitperable difficuitie in the duties difcouraged; he hathlampled vs with men ofour own mould, fùbicft to like,' nfartnities,that in the hatfheft amongft Chriflian offices haue gone before vs: Info much that the dune cannot be named, fo hart]] re fleth and blood, wherin his Saints haue not gone before vs. Ti at J thinke may well benumbrec amcngft the moil dificulr, h to take vp our Croffeandfoflow Cbrifl, Can wee name the Croflé that Tome ofthe Saints haue nor comfortably indured ? It is hard, you will fay, to part with goods : there were that fasffered