Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

Y°" /.'...wlNM . :. ' ',,1 :. ' 48 C.HAP.i. AnExpo)tion vpon tbefrrft Vai.6. i He!A.To.34. I fufredthat fraile i with ioy: hard to exchange hopes of,z6. aduancerrrentfor rebukes. Itis kchofen willingly byiwofee, and counted honourable, Too much to kaue Country,aed Gen.ti.T.4. Kindred,and Fathers houte:Did nor 1 Abraham fo ? Har- t deft to Ieaue life, elppecially by violent torments ? what m tieb.rr.37. death can we thinke of to full of 'n shame, or tortaare , but bath beene endured by the Saints of God? fo fatherly bath cheLord prouided for our benefic,in providing this honour for his Saints. rre t. This honour we willingly affoord the Saints, to make them our precedents,and patternes in holy prafìice, or if n Matt,a6,13. there be any other, or time praife, and n commensoratìon of lieb. at. their vertues. It fufficeth not Papittc; but they Rile vs fa_ crilegious,becaufe we giue them not Gods honour of in- .4oguli. ele vera uocation: though Auguffine long lince deliuered it for a Relig.cap. 55. rule: Honorandi font propter imitatsonem, noa adorendi propter religionem. And can they be more dafhonared by any ineanes, then by being made Idols ? Judge in your feines whether more dishonor them;we by denying them Inuocation,which we know,they de- fire not; or Papifts1 by refufrng imitation, which God hath allowed them.There neuer was Saint chat praCtifed rebellion, or attempted infurreetion veder any pretence, againft the Lords Anoynted.n God forbid,faith DA v r n, that I fbould lay hand vpon the Lords Anoynted. Preces and lachryme were wont to be armour for Saints, against Ty- rants. Thofe Saints were Nouices; herein no precedents for our Catholikes: for following their examples they will be pardoned, & will make them amends by inuoca- tion. Ir calls to mind their PredecefP rs the: Scribes and p Matt. 23. z5. Pharif es: forsooth, they would t'reedi fie the Sepulchers of Prophets, but yet were matrtherers of the Lord of Prophets. We are faine into an Age spill enough,and full of imi tation:thechoife of patternes I would Prudence might make. But that argument from multitude, which Se- neca oT Sam a4.6."\CP'T?,r,