Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C Ei AP. L. Epiftle to the Theffaler,vïa;sr. Vatc.6. neca thought proued the thing naught,we count demon- Argumentum firátiue for goodneire, and thinke our felues life if wee Pefimnm turba follow the Drone, though it be in prccipitia. Great men, et;¿eaetae sps:- laid E L I it v,are not almoner wife: yet to our people they 9 lob st.,. feeme good; bell patterncs to be refémbled. For Saints commended to our imitation; we giue their pranice the praife; admiring their fan£litic, but preferring in imita- rton the impietieofthe mightic. Laudamus veteret, fed no firis vtinusr ann14 Sarah comm ended to our womens imitation for r mode- C IPet. ;.4i f,6 flieand grauitieinattire, shallhaue her commendation : But any light -skirt Dame, or Courtly Herodias (ball ra- ther ba imitated. Fachions in appareil, though neuer fo forraine, and almotirnonfirous, which nothing but fa- ihione n make vs thinke feemely, yet becaufe in fafhion with Gallants, Chritlian women mull: follow. For that' they be f ngular ? Bernard in his time to one fo obiening, Hoc faci.nnt Bernard. cum 9' "iht° had ito: 1 mull doe as others, c r site bee noted r f fi,,gularirie; 7'ropterea,inguit,exi de medio earum,neaut in vrbe notabiliter via u, ant exemplo pereas aliorum : what doe you that pi orefiie Gods fare, in fuch f ocietie, where either faniitie mall be counted fingularitie ?or examples of mill followed, drowne your foules in perdition ? or why labour you not rather to draw them to your grani- tic, then runne after them imvanitie ? Let themfeeyour good work!! and imitateyou, at leaft forget not whole Pre- cept it is, f Fa,&on not your ,duet to this world. And of f ROM 2.2. their fat} and their íntei iourpatterne thus farre. h is not impertinent here to adds that insuirie, how farte Saints pranice.may be our patterns: And how farre their example wanants or binds vs to imitation. Their anions admit this DitiinCiion : Firfi, fume of them are noted as finfull, wherein they bewrayed hu- mane infrmitie: thefe are fpenacles of naturali frailtie, not examples for like pranice: they are written for our E caution,