Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

S o CHAP. r. An Expofation vpon the filrf V R R. caution, not for imitation: in part alt.() ro pr.euent our dif- ug.cont. Fau(l. Car1IfOrr, as A V G V ST IN Ej Vt nei, iuti in fuperbiánm h3a.ich.lib.zz. fecuritate extollantur, nec iniqui contra medicinam def era. et?.96. time obdarentur. A fecond fort were done by vertue of fpeciall difpen- tGen zz' ° ration : So t Abraham attempts to flay his fonne; fo If- xEsod.iz. 35 raelitestirob Egyptians. Ir is no warrant of coozenage to x Rom.13, 8. any man:for the generali rule binds vs-,x Owe nothing to a yPja' :3y.zI. Fly man but lame, and it is a marke of the vngodly, 5' to bor- rowwithout canfcience of payingagrane. To this kinde may bee annumbred, Eirf}, what they may be preiumedto haue done by fpecial inflinEl,though z z King. T.1 O, we reade it not: as z E L IA S in calling firefrom hearten; a NUM 2.5.7,8. a p R I N E R A S in flaying the adulterer; b SAMSON In bludg.16.3o. auenginghimfèlfe on Philifl;imswith his owne death, Bernerd.d of which fa& faith B E R N A R D, Si defenditnr non fui ffe T , er Di f eccatum rivatum ha bus a con sla qm indubitanter c redendes penjat. P P f f f .. efi: Difpenfations ftretch not beyond the particulars to whom they were giuen. A third kinde they did by ipeciall and extraordinarie c Gen.i2,.t,4, calling. As .Abraham leaues his Commie for Piigri d tauh. ;. r: mage in Canaan; asd John Baptifiz prófttred a kinde of E- remitage. Is nor the inference pretric i therefore Pil- grimages are fatisfaelorie : Eremitage a t }ate of perfe- thon. There is a fourth kind,occafionedby fpeciall necellity of Times,ora,pparance offcandall : lb prim itiue C1.riEli- ef f.4. 3z. ans bade all things common. f P A V L makes his hands rni- Fstt.zo.34,, nitertohisneceeties .Thereisnofootingi erein'forAna- bapritlicall comnaunitie, nor neceiliitie laid on Minif}ers to vie manuali labour, except where cafes and times r are like. The lat} fort, which are principally,, if not only writ- ten for our imitation,were their pracîices according with the generall Law morall,as thole of Patience,Huiniiicie, McekenetTe,Obedience,&c. herein is our bond of ¡mica- tion,