Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C rt AP. t. Epiflle to the The falótsian.v. $K.6. tion, ,Q.u,d multa ?The Apoftles felfe bath fet vs our line, of vs and of the Lord. Chrá,/l thenr the pattern ofpatternes, the rule and mea- fare of all examples. Therefore Paul to his Precept, Be followers of me, lets this limit., grid lam of Ch:. In him as the gifts ofGrace were tranfcendenr, fo their exercife lbpereminent; hee erres not that followes Chrift as his Precedent, in any thing wherein he is commanded imi- tation. Are then all Chrifls actions to be imitated? Thus di- ilinguifla them:tiri , forne were of diaine vertue, as his workes miraculous.Secondly,fome of diuine prerogatiue, as his fending for the Atfe & Colt. without kaue farts af- ked of the 05t:ner.rThirdly, fore Mediatorie.Fourthly, fo me Morall.F ftly,fomeindífferentand incidental. The three fir{I forts no man may attempt to imitate: his Moran aets were they wherein onely he intended to giue vs ex- ample,whereto one!), he bath tyed vs to imitation. Com- pare c2Ytatth. t .z9. i eret.2. mss. Of his actions..yea geflures indiffercnt,circutnflantiall, incidental,wehauequeflions hotlydifputed.Hisgefture, etpecially in the Sacrament, we haue preiFed with might and maine,and laid on vs by forne, with as great necetT- tie, as his moralities of Patience, Meckenetfe,Humilitie, Obedience. Me thinks then they fhould be able to proue them within compatl'e ofthofe things, whereof Peter faith, h He gage vs an example that we fhould follow his ffepr: to vrge any thing f prallatutam, as limply neceffary,is to vrgt _ faperflition: to yeeld to any thing fipra flatutam; as (imply neceiTary, is to yeeld to %uperflition. Let them take heed that thus preffe this gefture vpon our conlei- ences as nec?fTarie to b° rmitared,'they incurre nor crime' of fuperi+itirin,from which they would feer:,e to be moll abhorrent. Are we bound to this gef$ure,f ò that to vie any other,is finne? Yes, fay they :then either becaufeit was amongft E2 . Chrif}s Si pbftr. g I CQY.I t . I . h I Pet.z. 21.