Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H n P, i. Expofition vpots the frfi .V n R. 6, Chri.íts morali acîs, wherin he bath cómanded vs to imi- tate,or elfe by verrue of that Mandate,iHocfacite,Ds thíec. A third member when they afligne me, I wil take notice of. But neither was it among his morali ans, wherein hee bath commanded vs to imitate; nor is it comprized within his Mandare, at the inftirution. Ergo. May wee number itamongll his morali gth? we mutt then thew what Law of God, vcrtually at leaf{, compri- zed' this Conclulion; Thou (halt fit at the Sacrament, And againe, in religious moralities it is vnlawfull to doe aliad or dliter, other thing or otherwife: yvhy then (land they? yea, why fat they? why leane they nor onein the bof ®me of another ?? or how dare they in the leaf{ title fwarue from their patterne ? Comes it vnder the Mandate, Hoe facite? then is it a- mongtt the Sacramentals of the Supper. For (hoc facite) comprizeth not Circumllantials, but Sacramentals. Is it Sacramenrall ? where is the fignification it hash of any aet of God to vs, or of vsto God ? Sacramental] actions all whether of the Minifter, or Receiuer, haue their my- íticall refemblance and fignifcation. Thefe eager fpirirs hauemuch haunted mee;theghaft- lieft Argument they euer put forth to affright mewithal, ljath been this,from the example of' Chritt. And though I neuer heard it vrged,bur where the Anfwerhath made it totter; yet neuer could I f way with any Minitler, or other I haue dealt withal,as ro make him forgoc his hold chereon,for in their Logical! Diiputes it is no abfurdiry, 1 to deny the Conclulion. I will truely acquaint you with the feuerall manners of vrging. The firft paper is thus: That gefture that Chritt and his Apoftles vied at the rime of the in(tirution, is to be vied of vs at the time of receiuing the Supper :Bur the gcfture ()flitting is that gature which Chritt and his A- potties vied at the time ache inftiturion: therefore mutt be vied of vs. For-