Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C u RP.- . Epa file to the Thef denians. V RR. 6. 5 3 Formally cnough.But when -I wonder,will they proue their propofition ? that dvee are bound to vfe the Ge- fiures,Veflures, other circumftances of firft adminiftra- tion. And where appeares that Chrift or his Apoflles fate, as we call fitting? And why may I not thus realbn ? What Veflure Chrift vied at the fiat adminiftration, is to bee vied in ours. But a feam'el.l% Coate was the Vcflure which Chrift vied at the 6i l adwiniftration.T herefore is to be vied of vs.I dare lay the Argument proceeds as firmely for the habit, as for the fire and poftion. The fecondpaper thus. To fwerue from the imitable example of Chrifl, is a finne. Not to fit in the all of re- ceiuing, is to fwerwe fr6 the imitable example of Chril }, Therefore not ro fit is a finne, & perconfequens, to fit a ne- celfa- y duty. What meane you by imitable that which may bee imitated :or that which muff be imitated. Ifthar, which may bee imitated; your propofition is fade; If that which mal be imitated; your al'urnption. This man explaines himfelfe; diflinguifhing betwixt his workes miraculous, and others, and by imitable, vn- derftands that wherein it is poflìble to retemble hirn,bc- like then, we muff gird ourfelues with a `rowel, and wail our peop!es feet before our adminifiration; for fo did Chrifi; and his aftion is not miraculous, but poflibly imitable. Yea, of this aft bee faith more then euer hee laid of his gcflure.k If 1 your Lord and clafter; hate klob,r ;,,;,tz, wafbed your feet,yee alfo ought to wa/h one another: feet; for 1 14:1'3 4:t 5 bane giuen yore an enfample, tkat yeeJheuld doe a: Mane done toyote..And I mantel! thefe A pi fh 1 to itarors, in this a- ation which he cals exetnplary;fecondly,wherof he faith it ought to bedone in imitation of him, think not them- (clues bound,whereas in the geflure they acknowledge a bond, though by no probabilirie of Scripture, they can proue it exemplary, or with an ought to bee done, prelfed vpon the Confcience. E 3 To