Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

°;' .' 6 y::rräiwl:'Úw 6 : . :,w I C a A s. T. An Expofition vpou the ffidi V$ R,4. lA1at. S r. tn Mat .3 t6. áít.8 38, To put end to this in-juily; Giue nice pray, a true reafbn, why, his geffore in preaching, binds vs not to imitation, as well as his geffure in the Sacrament. My memory may fade me; but I know nor, that it is euer recorded, Chrift taught in any other the then fitting. That befate downs arid taught his Difciples, I reade; that he flood, I reade nor a nue difference between ncde in this point of tsccetfai y imitation, I would faine heare. The rire and outward forme of Baptifine vied by Mn, whereto alfo our Sauiourfubmirted himfclfe, was not fprinkling, but "going downe into the water; why are wee nor thinly bound to this imitable example of Chriff and his Fore - runner? and yet muff thinke our f élues bound ro his geffure in the Supper ? Laffly, let this, though it may feerne a nicerie, bee ta- ken notice of; that in this queftion they change the very predicament where the inquiry lyerh. To 1peake pro- perly and exaüly, fitting is not in the predicarracnr of Anion, but in that office and pofition. And whereas in matterofimiration, the Anions of Chriff fall onely into inquiry,they diuert the queflion to his fire and po11- tion:quAfldc?And why flsould wee not vrge the quando, and vbi,andhabitusofChrifls adminiffration f, om his ex- ample;as well as his geffure? Thus farce. of that (python oecafionally; our of a defre, if it bee poflible, to g ue farisfaflion to the lcrupulous, in as much as concernes the Argumentfrom Chriffs example. This is the rule; TheErecepr of imitating our bletIedSauiour, is limited to his anions, not extended tip his ggeffures; Among his ûions, to thofe that were rjorall,not ro circun fi untiall, orincid entail. The laff particular in the Text romaines, hacino recei- ved the Word, Thee words at Ertl fight I conceited to expretre the fpeciall matter wherein they imitated : And propounded thegueffion, how in recciuing the Word, they might be Paid to imitate the Apoffle and our Saui- our;