Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

S 6 C x A P. I. An Expoliti®di vpon the fsrff V s A.6 Obier. UáOi;.17.i7. q s Cor 10,43 S r f Ga1.3, z, t a2at.13,19. X Mat.i 3.20. yuk.8, i 5, of the Word : .A tier they had recei:oed theWord, they be- came foáówers of Chro and his Saints. The note thence is this : We' may ntarer expert reformation of the people after Gods ¡mace siningiryhis Saints, tiltfilch time as the Word finites admittance with them, how can we? this being the P truth whereby they arefanfEifted : The mightie weapons whereby 9 high things,and thoughts are captivated to the obedience of Chriff : That two-edged r Sword, that pierceth to the dif- couerie, preuaileth to E he kiiiing of our corrupt inclina- tions. That vehiculum. Spiritus, f by which all grace is conueyed into theheart. Of receiuing or admitting the Word of God, there are flue degrees; Firti,when it is (ò farregiuen way vnto,that men are content' to giae it the hearing, t though without care or re- gard to be acquainted with the Myfteries it reueales.Ac- cordingly we fee it vanish as a confuted found into the ayre,fothat though there beu lice vpon line, precept vpon precept, here a little and:here a little, y et neuer descends it fo low, as "the. vnderf rnding, to worke fo-much as (peen: latiue knowledge or that it reachcth. Secendly,when from the care it pailerh to the vnder- ftsnding, and the mindc coneeiucs the fenfe which that round prefents veto ir. Thirdly, when the maid is fo farm preuailed wichall, that it affairs to the truth of what it vnderflands. Fourthly, when the "at}eetions imbrace it as delight- full and pleating. Fitly, when the heart and coati:knee giue way to the prefcriprs thereof, and fuWer it to Tway than to obedi- ence, receiving it into y an hones and good heart, and brine - ingforthfruit with patience: In tbefe fleps of receiuing and admitting the Word,degrees may be di(linguiflred, these generals onely, I commend to bee medirated,as a- mongft Hearers wee Lhalleafily fee them exemplified,. fitb- g ...... :s . --,.,