Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

Ci H A P. I. Ept ftle ta the TbeffAlOnlanf. 'V H R. 6. fubardinarc they are all each to other. Subie&ion of Confcience requi, ing the wills profecution of the cord ceiued g©odnefle of the Word. Profecution, Faith of the truth and goodneife : Faith, Knowledge; Know - ledge,attenriue Audience. By there reps is wought that reformation of Gods people,after his Image (hining in his Saints. My hearts define and Prayer to God for his people is on this occafion, that he would Z open their hearts to at- tend towbar Gods Word fpeake ; and fo to attend, that it may dwell plenreoufy in tbem,ruling in their hearts,as the Centrrion in his houfe;then might we expe& righteouf= netle to fiouriflt out of the Earth, and abundance of Peace fo long as the Sunne and Moone indureth. But fb long as that is true of vs, that the Lord complaynes of by Horea: He a hash written onto vs the great thinó; of his Law, and they are become a orange thing vnto os ; whiles ,we turne our cares from hearing the Law, and fcorne to haue confcien_e controlled by the Word ofGod; I (hall neuer wonder ro fee Chriftians become Pagans in rhtir hues; fo Lure from the hues of Saints, that Heathens in comparifon tray leeme saints to our people, Labour there itath beetle much for reformation among(} vs; hee is blind that fees nor the labour necetfary ; the errour is onely in the things to be reformed; which would God we did not fo limit to Rites and Ceremonies, that wee forget the more necetfary in Iife and manners. Arudafler dicam; our Ceremonies cannot be halfe fò Popifh, as mens hues are Pagani(h, neither íauours our Church of Superihütion, hut fame of our people f}rongly of A- theifme and Irreligion. What ma2ruell? when as the Word ofGod hath fcatce come,fo much as in a confuted found, into many corners oldie Land; and euen to this day they haue ferne the mifery of Ifrael to bee without a teaching. Prief. High time it isforIaHOSAPHAT to dij erfeb'Learites into the Cities of trirdah, before Atheifine quite 57 vfe. zags 16.14. Col3.t6. a Hofei 8.124 b 2 CGro. t 7 . 7,8.