Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

4!w sg Obfer.,zt d Lu(¿.zz.z8,z9 e f Hc fi.S. 17. S /ob I.IO,II, 22., C H A P. I . Ats Expa î:ion upon the ftrff V.6. quite overgrows'; I fhould then hope through G ODS mercy, to fee our people walke as bccommeth Saints: I And neuer think Saints dead,whiles 1 láw their prafìice reuiucd in our people. There follow amplifications of their fa& in receiuing the Word of God: firf}, by the hindring caufe of enter rayning the Gofpell, which with holy rcfolution they learned to conrernne,and on hard cft termes received the Word,ix snitch affliElion : That circumstance add es much to their commendation. The rule is true which this Text occafions vs to take noticed. Chritian praflices are nester more commendable, then when they are holden againff impediments. In dayes of cafe what c Hypocrite giues not way to the Gofpell ? the En- carni am of Difciples is, tot abide by Chriff in his tempta- tions. The Gloi y of the Angell of Pei gamus is this,e that dwelling where Sathans throne wat, in dayes when Antipas Gods fait/slidMartyr war flaine,yet bee had not denied his Name. Truth is, what comfort bath man in any duty, till in it he may fee fomething wherin he goes beyond an Hy- pocrite? f what Perfian fo prophase, that becomes not a lew, to enioy their frecdomes and prerogatives; with hardeft termesto entertaine the Gofpell ? The Gofpell with perfecutions, is the priuiledge of Ifraelires in- deed. The Argument is ftrong for Jobs vprightnetÇe again(} Satans candis, when the fence removed, which Satan firggef}ed to be the hold -backe from Blafphemie, ghee fiili continues inthefeareofGod. To loue naked Picric, is no (mall f gne ofintegrity; how much more to embrace and -hai bout perfècuted Religion ? Our Touchftone let it be for tryall of integrity, wee haue muff of vs given the Gofpell entertainment fo far, as to become ProfetTors and Hearers of ir, no maruell the times arc times of peace; and with vs it is iutlly mar -,