Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

CH K P. I. Epifile to the Theffalonians. V 8 8.6. i 59 matter of infamie and penalcie, to denie it audience. ) But thinke you if the Lord thould fend his fiery tryall a- nìongfl vs, as to our forefathers, he (hould fndefaithon earth, loue ()Ellis Truth in our people? how many haue we mincing the matter and letting the Lord his limits in matter ofReligious Profeílion and Praaice ? fo farce as may t}and with their reputation, f o farro are they for the Gofpell; but what if thy Credit and Gods Truth come into ballance? (hail thy Reputation f way more then loue ofthe Truth? h Çadarens,I darefày,had ds much truth of Religion as thou. Some Pharif ès more; whole defeffi yet is noted in rhis.Thet they ì lowed the prayfeofinen more then the glory of God. What fhould 1 fpcake of thofe whofe profelled refolution is, to burne for no Religion, which is to fay, they are of no Religion ; f}arke Atheif}s in life; their Religion meere Policie, aferuing of Times rather then of the Lord; for whom is ref rued the k black- info of darkne f fe for euer? A fccond circurnflance of their fael-, amplifying their praife, is theiey they felt and minifetled in receiuing the Word,with thole har(h conditions it was tendered vnto them; in much affld ?ion,rrith ioy of the holy Choftt. In ourpatfage to the particular amplification of their prayfe, me thinkes I fee offered to our notice,Difference ofrankes among .F1 torn, gifting:ray, and entertainment vnts the Gofpell. Firfl,in the firfl we ir4y rcnge i our Tempora. ries,or ratherTemporizers; that fèeing they fade fecundo flumino, all things running current for the Gofpell, are caned full fade to the profeffion of Faith whom yet the leaf} note of reproach, euen Thou n, art of GAlile, makes readieto denieand abiure the Truth. Secondly; artherthey goe,whom reproches,the leaf} affliflions,daunt not : and yet when the leali fpoyle of goods,or hazard of libertie comes toward them,as Pawls Affocietet,n for/eke vs, betray,as much as in them lyeth, the caufe of Truth. Thirdly, h Mattb. 8. 34. i oh, t s,qs i43. k lude veme 13. Obfer. i in Tat. 26. 69. n a Tim.4.t6,