Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

e p'14,:._.,';w;it. u. w y ç w 6Q C H A P. 1. An Expofaiion vpon thefirf2 V fl R. 6. Thirdly, ncereare,P.:udintimates,amonglt hypocrits, fome halfe- Martyrs; in much atfiftion reediting the Word,much,ñrt1,for variety, Secondly, for greatnef%, o Gat. ;.4. Haste yee fn f f red ° fo many things in vain? P If I dime my p i eor. 13, 3. body to be burnt, and huge not loue : his Hypothetic puts nothing; yet halle intimates, conuiftion of iudgement may be fo ftrong for trurh,the terrours of the Almighty fo forcible with conféiencc in lòme beleeuers,th It death may be fubmitted vnto,rarher then the Golpell denyed; by each as whole harts were neuer warmed with loue of Cod and his Truth; how tremblingly, and with what griefe of heart, fitppofe ye, come filch to fitffer, whom feare only of greater torment fùcceeding death, in cafe of denyall,makes to (wallow vp inferiour feares of bodi- ly tortures,and conftant in auowing the Truth? Fourthly, yea, amongft Hypocrites, may bee found men ambitious of fuffering, ioying in the Truth in af- gMat. 13.1o. ytflions,perhaps for Truth fake: that Hypocrytes 9 ioy in the Worei,curSauiouriswitnes; The Lord byExt'chi- eI rels of form, to whom hearing of the word taught by r EZek 33.32 the Propher,was as melodious r mulicke: The nouelty per - baps atfefisthem,as Athenian ,or the deepe Myfteries,as curious fcioli; or the promiiles neíf aken to bee abfolute , as Carnall Libertines. Why, not afiftions allo for Truth, as Mercenaries in refpcft of the rewards promifed ? or as Teeming pledges of finceriry, asmen willing to bee decei- ued;or as meanes to pr'cure fame of contltancy and cou- rage, asam6itious? Cerrainly,Pam1ntore then intimates, fHeti.s.5 that fuch feel: thefpouwers ofthe World to come; As the de- fire of beatitude is naturally though what it is, or how ' attained Et rots are infinite : fo the knowledge and faith of true bleirednes,rnay work maruelloufly inmen vnre- generate:and after a fort (weeten Alit-lions veto them, t Numb. 2.3 to. out of naturali grounds : fuch as are, t desire and hope to name /hare in h eauenly happinetFe ; at leaft out of carnali ambition, to leaue behind them fame of conftancie and Mar- , ;_ , ;py:.i.,=+ir`ss,: .. t.ara.,a..w,. re.,, . , r-ae ee..