Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

CHAP. _e Epiftte to the Theffalonians. V E R. 6. Martyrdeme in the Church; as Heathens out ofirke de- fire to be immortal] in the mouthes of Pof}erity,deuoted themfelnes,and ranne headlong -into the iawes of death, to be enrolled a.mongft the Fathers and Tutors of their Country. Fiftly,where then lyes the point of this peoples com- mendation? that they receiued the Word,- Firf},rn afflic- tion. Secondly, in much nffliEtion. Thirdly, with ioy. Fourthly,anel that of the holy gboft ;fb is that ioy termed, that is minif}red by GodsSpirir;& thus differs from that naturali, camall or fcular joy of Hypocrites .vnder the CrotTe. The grounds ofit are fpirituall;fuch as are,Firft, a Phil. r.t z, that Chrift and u his Grace /hall bee magnifiedin vs. Sc- Phil.zp condly, that good that comes to the Church of God by ourl'uffering, as, Firft, confirmation of weakelings. Se- condly, occafioning aliens to enquire into the caufe of trut h, and after a fort preparing them to embrace it. Not, but that thex ig fat before vi, acid the hope of immortalitie, x Heb.12. :; furthers our ioy in afflictions , and fweetens to Gods Saints, the fowre of the CrotTe; but that they fee fome further good, which more or as much affeas them , as their owne comfort and faluati on. The large application of this .point T ipare, as halfe ÿf2.. impertinent to there day es of-Peace : whet in tapingvpof the Cro f fe to follow Chrifl, is amongf} thofe duties in carte, which it fuffìceth vs to perform,prfparatione animi,in the readinétfe of minde : howbeit it Iliad behooue vs to ex- amine how we f}and refolued, in cafe the Lord should call vs to Puffer for his Name; and how grounded our re- folutions are. How we are aff, t`fed in -the pectic Y- perfe- Y 6 al 443. eations of Ifhrnael, the onely tryalialmoff any of vs are called to endure.Cufhítes how many are there amongft vs ? alike minded for Religion, z as Cu/hi in matter of zz §am.ts.ts. Politic.. Their wifedoníe istoioyne themfelues to the a preuailing fide. Madneffe they thinke it to dye for any. i Religion. Subordinate Religion and all to Policie, ma -1 king