Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

'"J"äiae '.._ . . . G2 aACYsr4. z:: 4 Ob/ir. Obfe-r. cl7t' f ., 4.+¡. . .xA P. 1. An.Expofitionvpnn the frft VHR, 6. king ira very Pedsjfequa, a Lackey to their Couetouf neffe, Ambition, Epicurifme; yea, meafiuring truth of Religion, by more or letre auaile, to compaf their pro- icets ofprofperirie; as ifChrift had changed his Cog- nizance, and the Croire were no longer the Badge of a Chriftian : but temporali felicity the fure,ft marke of the Church. What fhould I fpeake of our murmuring under the Croire? and quarelling at the difpofitions of G O DS Prouidence, as if that endlefl'e Wifcdome had beene o- ucr- feenein ordering vs by a tribulations to enter into his Kingdome. A Srrawbeiy way to Heauen had. been rnuch better:and the greene Medeiow in Gebel his Table,then there thickets ofbuthmenr, and aicent of craggy Rocks that lead to vertuous happinel e, I confefie,we haue many ambitious of f uffering;ioying in tribulations for the Catholike Cauife,and that,which fome_call,the caute of the Golpell. Who maauels? when they haue them fweetned ro the fcn(é of carnalitie, by them theirportiin is mad e f t,and their meat plenteous Pri- ions they find affording more meanes of enlarging their Temporalities;then houfes ofgreateft freedome; orPul- pits of largeft Elbow- roorne. In none of there finde l a (ample to this patterne; yerare there, I .doubt not, but can fay they ioy in tribulations, becaufe they fee glory comes to God by giuing teftimony to his Truth , and good to his Church by confirmation of weakling S. The particular now followes : In much afflitlien with ioy, &c. So true is ir, that Gods ward rcceiuedwjth anho- ne/i andgood heart, brings with it fireetne f fe enough to digeft all thef wreandbitterneffeofafffillions that attend it; corn- pare Pfd. i 19.5o. And oppofe it to the delicacie of flefh and blood, and that fcandall ofthe Croire, deterring many after- ccnui- &ion to embrace the faith. Noteherewirhall, thedrference betwixtafilions for !x14,:.S :'-lr. srmire