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C; x A P. I. Epiftle to the 7beffalonians. V E R. 6. 63 finne, and,per(ecxtions for `I lghteoufneffe : chafe areiuf}ly dolorous; thefefeldome or neuer want their comfort ;vlual - ly are attended with ioy and reioycing. Arbour al. bzCor. r. s. fliaious abound, fo alfo our comforts, if not in fenle, yet e. uer in the caufe. How many caufes of Ioy bring they to the (aule! Fir{},wee are hereby conformed to e the Prophets and ' righteous men that bane gone before vs yea, to the Heb . , z 16. Prince ofour Salssation. 101,7115 19. Sect ndly,they are pledges to vs of ours choofang out of 1 Pet.4. the world; and of our walking with a right foot co the d Alas ;.4 s. Gofpell. Thirdly,of our more then ordinary Grace, e wee are eRoyn 3.4 with our cod, when he chofeth vs to be his Champions. Fourthly, meanes of how many gracious gifts? their ex- ercile at leal}, and confirmation, and incrcafe. Fiftly,yea, f arorle to vs after a fort that inualssable f2 Co,. Crowne of Glory. a What coward may not this encourage to refo:ution under the Crolfe? his comforts are proportioned to his af13i&ions. Gods loue is neuer more plentifully g Jheda- Row. broad in our hearts, then in our afïElions for righteouf= ne11e: to fay truth ,what f iould diftnay vs? Is it loue of cafe? that iscarnalirie. Doubt offucctifc? that hisinfi- delitie ?fufpicion of weaknclie? we know who bath faid, Uri Grace fhall befasficietu, and h ce perrts power in weak,- ' z Cor, II. 9. nelfe. Prouided alwaies,as Peter gin es the caurion,our caufe of fùfferingbegood; If wefuafferkaseuill doers, :if but as k pit.4 ç, bufbodies,whatchanke, or what comfort haue we ? if for the Name of Chrift,happy are wee tke Spirit ofthe glorious irerfe r4. God ref eth vpon vs.I t is not the paine, but the cauíe that makes theMirtyr, laid the Marryr Gyprian. Not to bee reuilcd, or imprifbned, to bole liberty; lining, no life, forts vs to Prophets, that were before vs ; except perhaps Prifèillianills, and Donatills,and Trayterous Ic- . fuites, o