Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

64. 1 Mat, m t COY. I0.13. H A P. Y. An Bxpofatit7n vpon the fll V a R. y. fuits,may be thought con(hrts of Prophets,but to f uffer, as Prophets , for i Righteoufnefe, I know tome men ambitious offuffering; I adaìle diem to prouide that their caufe and calling too be warrantable.' cannot eliè warrant them comfort in their .aflliElions. I (hould tremble at the erotic layd on mee for Gnne ; and be iea- lous of my arena:, yea, in the bell caufe, where I had needlefly thrufl my finger into the fire, yet would hope m ofiff oe to beginen with the temptation, where I fee good caufe,and calling toff ffer,forI know Himfaithfullchat bath promifed. VERS.7.8. So thatye became enfamples to all that beleeued in Macedo- nia and vlehaia. Rorfromyou feonded out tlle Word ofthe Lord, not ene/y in 'Macedonia and Acbaia but alto in ewer, place your fa:t(, to Godward, it /red abroad, fo that the need notfpeake any thing. He connexion framed by others I mention not,thus I conceiue,the A poflle amplifies their faith and patience by the meafures thereof : fuch Were their proceedings therein, or rather fuch the Ipecialtie of Gods fauour in the ddlribution; fuch,that,rhough they came after Others to Chrifl, Yet became they prehdents to their precedents; fo richly endowed, that it might wellbefeeme theirttAnaients to make them theirpar- ternes., The amylification flayes not there, but addes mention of the Churches whom they had out- Ilript; !All that beleeueditt Macedonia andAchaia. And becaufe it might feeme flrange,the notice of a Church fo newly planted fliould fo farre bee divulged; a greater wonder; pad