Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C K ANT. Epiile to theTheffslonidns. V E n.7. Paull mentions, no wonder but truth ; In emery place where he came, heard hee report oftheir Faith, though fur- ther remote then Macedonia their Countrey, and their NeighbourRegion Achaia. The particulars of their commendation here touched, are thefe ,Firft,their precedency inFaith to their Ancients he Churches of Macedonia. Secondly, the famoufnere of their gracious eftate and pra&.ice, Thirdly,th eir pro - pagation to others. Types. Ingracieta pratlices it is not enough to befollow- ers and of the company, bat wee fhouldfirine to become prece- dents and Prefidents unto others. In Religion it (hould be,who may goe formo11. That was the bleffed Rate of John Bapt fis times,the nKingdome of heauen fuf fered violence, and the violent tooke it by force, it was who might throng fiuft in for a (hare in the Gof- pell. As Souldiers at the'furprizing and ranfacking of lónse wealthy Cicy,wherethe prey is made free, ftriue who may come firft to the fpoile;fo was it in Iohns daies, for this rich treafure of the Gofpell; fo (hound it be now. S. Paul for common gifts, giues charge toflriue that wee may excel/. And weigh thefe Realóns. Firft, good and euill things haue their meafure of gra- i duall quanritie according to the greatnefre of their ef- f fefts.An euill thing the more it hurts,the more euill it is and more damnable in the Ring- leader. A good thing, the more it profits,the better and more beneficial to the firft beginner : It much amplifies the prayfeofCorin- thians compafion, that they were fo forward, bet-wife their O zeale had provoked many. Secondly, God hath pleafed for our encouragement in this kind, to propound vs different meafures of 11ea- uenly rewards, to bee proportioned to our meafures of grace and exercife thereof; that though none want his fulnelre, yet euery ones glory is not alike abundant. The Tifciple bath P a Difciples reward : The Prophet ,the F reward 65 .2 2. o z Cor. 9. 2.. p Mat. to. 4T.