Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H AP.I. Epifite to the?heffalomiarts. `7 a x.7. ore any thing in their generation , then the children of Light It is true , I con f e tl' e, which perhaps is the o 1d- backe, the leaft n:eafere of found grace is fining, the meaneft place in Gods Kingdome, happineffe allluftici- ent; yet take this with yore, bee bath no grace in found - netl'ethat thinks he hath fufpicienr, nor (hall he fiend any place in that houfe of 16 (manifold Mlanftons, that firiues not tot grow and excellin Grace, and the knowledge and obedience of our Lord and Sauiour. To whom they became types is next expreifed: To all that beleeue in (Macedonia and Admix; that, as ap- peares by their defcription here, were in Chrift be- fore them. So oft - times it fats out that the latter in conuerfion becomes the more excellent in Chrißian prallice : that it may haue place here that ourSauiour laid : There are firft which /hall be laft,andlaß which !hall be ftrft. As in a race, ofttimes he that lets out 1aft, outfirips the forerunner,and comes be- fore him to the Goale. P AV L laft called to Apoftie(hip, yet not inferia/sr to the chicle Apoftles in nieafùre of gifts, 1 in labours much more abundant : `Dauid vaunts not himfelfe, but magnifies the power of GODS grace in his vie of the meanes, when bee profefl'eth,he was becomexwifer then bis Teachers, and of more vnderflanding then they that were hie Ancients. Reafons are, forne in theforegoers, that caft them behinde; perhaps, Firtt, their high-mindedaefe and conceit, that they haue already atta ned, whence if- fuesnegle& ofineanes fanccifcdto their eftablifhtxent and growth in Grace. We haue feene Nouices in Re- ligion , bmatterers in diuine Knowledge prefcntly become Teachers of theirTeachers; fcorniugtlIe An- cient (tile of Gods people to bee termed Difciples; they re not to learne, but to iudge, as Critickes onely hest F s and 67 f lob. 54. z. r a Pet, 3.18. ()bier. Sabitus calor loagsm vincit teperer , Hier. ad Pa: dinam de infRitnt,4lona. ebi. UI Cor.If.9,r0 x'P fat. I19. 99. Notti ÇI17,tM in ordine, prime in wraith eft. Hier.quâ [apra. s