Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

68 C H r: t. 4n Expotitian vpen the firft V a x.7. and Cenîors of their Minillers;. maruell not if G O D plague filch pride, Permitting them to decay es : forhís pr'tJlìon it is to Y ref f the proud, and to addegrace to the humble. Secondly, withall they may be ohterued, for info - lent and contemptuous cariage towards their Inferieurs in gifts,and difeaine,, no lefle then fcornefull, towards them yet left in the power of darknetTe. Thirdly and latlly, beating themfelues as men made perfir,and contented with that which they haue already receiued; ló refpeftingwhat they haue come vnto, that they forget preng towards the marge. Secondly,in the After- comtners thus Firft, the greater loue of God leene in pardon of Graves fo long continued; whence itTues greater ardencie of their loue to God, and zeale to doe him feruice. For, they that are truly penitent,, after they, thorowly haue a feeling oftheir former Crones foi giuen,. become more thankful to the Lord for his mercies all the daies of their liues: they a lone much, bee-wife many linnet are forJiuen them. Experience hash oft found , the viler man before calling, and hee that bath moft.earneftiypelteemed the Saints of God,.. and the true Profetfors of. the Golpell of lefus Chrift, in proofe the moti feruenr, when God hath once touched and turned his heart. Secondly, perhaps' all'o that addes fpurresto their pro- gretîe,their late raft how bgracione the Lord, ,whom now they feele fo fweer,that they thinke they lhall neuer bee fttiate with the pleafures of his houte. Thirdly,And the L O R`D;whofe difpofition this is would thew himrelfe an abfolute L OR D of his gifts, none, no or for good vie of gifts receiued, faueonely by free promífe, that alto wee may fee the .meafures of Grace are in him ahíolutely to difpofe,when as hee glues to the c !af# ue much pet baps- more, _then to What, y lames 4.E, z Philg,s;. 14, x. aLHt,e7.47 : b a Pet. z. :.. editat;ao. 14fI Ç