Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

CH AP.I. Epiile to theTheffaloisians. V a R. 7 69 What euer the reafbns be,the thing we are Cure is true, and haue cad-le for our particular,many ofvs,to lament : inafmuch as the calif,: of our calling behind is lh appa- rent in our felues. How many haue we feene at 6ríl en. trance into Chrillianity, pcerlethfor pietie, and (lrifl: care to depart from euill e now befooling themlélues for that too much precifenelfe in moralities and tulle of the mmde, it was a deluflon of the Deuill. Once thinking, the bell decking of womanhood, d Meeknef fe and Hu- nsilitie; now doting vpon toyes and gari(h trifles in ap- parell,repenting that euer they caried face of- the daugh- ters of Sarah. Dedrou(ly imbracing all opportunities of hearing,now,as Felix in his trembling, e putting it ope their tuner of leafirre 3 fo that Nouices and Patties in Chrtfls Schoole, are become their betters- in almofl all gracious practice. I mention it as PAUL, the F power of ble A pofitlefhip amongst Gentiles, to fee if by any meanes, I may prouoke them to -, emulation; that they may recouer their flanding. Mee thinkes they fhould fcarce looke on their Ianiors in grace,without this thoughr;how (hame- full is it for vs their Ancients, not to hold pace with af- ter. cotnmers in gracious praf}ice ? Learne not to inf lilt otter men as yet vncallcd to !late of Grace,and faluation : for, full, g who bath discerned thee ? Secondly, is not God h le to graffe theta in? Thirdly, and they may proue thy Superiours in meafure of gifts and holy practice-: this people later in calling, become precedents to their Ancients in faith. v fB. =. d t Pet. 3.4. e Alls 24. Z q. f Ron. i r.T3.t4 g r Car 4 q h RetH.yrz3 F 3 Vaits.