Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

., .... . 70 C H k P. t . . f i n E x p o l i t wpm the f r f 1 R . 8 ; VSka. S. For from you founded oat the Wórd of god, &c. He fecond branch of their commendation isthe propagation ofthe Truth, and (prding the Word to others : whether by publifhing it to thofe with whom they .. had commerce in other Countries, as (owe conceiuc, or by their obedience oc- cafioning the world to take notice of the power and ho- Entire ofthat Word, that had wrought fo mightily to their reformation. If wee take the fir(I fenfe, it offers to our notice the prosertyandduty ofal Saints,partakerr ofthe heauenyvoca- tien; deftroufy inuiring others tofellowf4ip of that comfort themfelues hake tafledin the fo ell: pafonarely fpeakes `David,' Oh,tafie and fie howgracieut the Lord is: with like of eaion fee the Saints in new lerufalern, k prorsoking one another tofeeke the Lord. The Woman ofSamaria nofoo_ ner had glimpfe of Chrifts M Uiahlhip,but (lie is dealing with the men of her City to fee and receiue him t Like inflances fee Poh. 1.4=,45Á! 11.19:20. Likepra&ice thinke by their examples commended vnto,vs,enfnrced by how many realbns?Firfl,Complion Ihould teach vs ro m refine them out of the fire. Secondly, theglorycomming to thegraceorGod by their faluaríon. Thirdly,the benefit thence accrewing to our felues,firfl, by increafe n of our owne gifts : betwixt Ipirirnall and earthly blefhngs this is one difference:in thefe,thc more we imparr,the lefre we referue: in thofe,welore not by communicating, rather by enclofing and concealement to our owneprivatc. Secondly,our glorious ° reward in Gods Kingdom, be- comes the greater. And it is the priuiledge of that hea- uenly inheritance; it innot/Fraight-nod to any l,vmxltitude Obfer. i Pfi1.34.8. kzath:8,zr. 11obt14,:e. vf. m trate 23. ad,at.ig.19. =Dan.t 24, . .= a..: -. . ry 111