Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

CHIP.!. Epi f le to the Thef aloniiHs, V 1L8. ofenioyers. If we follow the other retire, this is the note : There it scarce a better mean is propagate the Gofpoll,and to fallen it *tithe a f feélion of Aliens, then the obedience andfan- Flu) ofthofe that profef eit. It is as the P Odours of Chriffs p Cant,r.3 o)nttnent,with the fragrancy thereof drawing affeílions, lohn Baptiis auf}erity and renerendgftoility, drawes out q Mat.;.5 Ierstfals+nand the Region ofIordan to hears him : Cue/2 He- rod hearing his fame, defires to heare him; and in r rote- r.21ar/, ra. rence of his petit, obeyer in many things. S. Peter attributes fo much vnto it, that by fit, titbotit the Word, Aliens, he ll 136.3.1.z. thinksoway be won; preparatiuely at leaf, to thinke well of that doetrine,thc fruits whereof they fee to be fo ho- ly. And as nothing more obduratcs Aliens in their in- fidclity,t en thet profane l itesofcarnalGofpellers;fofcarce a eSaw 2.17. any thing preuailes more to worke liking of the Truth, then the holinctre of thofe that Ole it entertainment. Our duty is to walke worthy of our vocation, that we may üadorne and winnecredirtothe gofpell that wee °rs1,2i ® haue vridertakcn ro profetTe, at leaf/ fo prouidc that the Word of x God be not blafphemed by occafion of our difo- x 1744'1' bedience. Ir is hard to fay,whether Chritlians unrefor- med doe more good by profeffion, or karate by their' fcandalous life. To Aliens, I dare fay,they bring more preiudice by theirprofanenelle, in hindering their conuerfion, then they can procure good to Gods Church, by their naked profeflion. At the building of the Temple vnder Zernb- babsl, their Adnerfaríes make lamb/owe of 1 helping for_ Y Ara 42: wardthebuilding, pretending that they alto fought the Lord. Greater enemies Gods people had none tohinder the proceedings of the Temple, then thefe coloured friends, that offered to put hands to their holy worke. Neither know I any,whofe courfes are more preiudicial to the enlargement of theChurch,then chore hypocrites among{} vs,that caryi ng fbew efgodline fc deny the power a a Tiw, ;, s. sfit in theiresnseerfation. F 4 The