Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

.14.;TNY C H A R. i . An Expofitiow vpou the ftrf VEILS. The lad particular enlarging their praife,is the famouf- nefe oftheir Faith. In euery place their Faith to Gndward wu /fired abroad. Papifts lighting on tike. a commendation giuen to the quondam Church ofRme, defire vs ro rake notice of it, and thence would faine inferre a necef ty of communi- cating with their now Synagogue of Sathan,for their Faith was renowned thororr the world : faith Paul any whir Fete of this at rheiralonica ? yet hstr the faithful City be- come b an Harlot ? msifi r xm e¡í fssi fe falicem : as mifcrable,, fri f fefidelern. That they once had faith,the Apoffle glues tef imony,, and we may not think them Reuolrs from that faith,ex- ceps we Phew Authours, Times, other circumffances of their defection. And that they might .fall fromFaïth,and lofe the very fafhionofa true church vifble,the Apotfle as plainly in- timates:and to this Church giues as ample commendati- on of faith, as to that of Rome, wch yet is now long lince become a cage of vncleane birds ; though it is hard for them to (hew,& &rll Authorofnc& defection. Secondly,methinks it (hold fufhce,to manìfeff that there is a defection, by that wide difcrepance, betwixt their Faith now,and that commended by the Apoftle,rhough circumffances of' reuolt could not be euìdenced,Is any ¡ò mad, as to queftion whether his houfe burne, when he fees it on a flame,becaufe he knows not the incendiary? In other Heretics the originals and fuch like cìrcum- fiances may be fhewne. Firff,that is not vniuerfàll.Secondly ; a difference there is betwixt other Herefies,and tholewhich Antichriffia- . nifine drawes with it in this refpeft. That isd a myf eryof Iwiquity,f ecretly infinuatingit felfe into the Church, VII- der colour ofthemfgeryof godlineffe. Thirdly, the Au- thors and Times of their defection ttrítrioff'particulars, hauebeen (hewne by our Diuines ;fee Ph lipMornay.his ai?yfcrurs eEmememmmmiNNEMIliii