Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C a AP.t. Eptfi1e to the T /Jeffalanians. VPR.8 . Myfteriuminiga:itatvs, P E R t; i N s his Probleme. Cents. tie- writers euery where.Wee leaue them,and proceed to our infruûion by this Text. roar Faith iifpred abroad, that is, the fame of their faith,fo glorioufly manifef}ing it fcll by the fruits in their life: That though the g ft of Faith be not immediately fettle, yet makes it felfe cuident by the fruits of it. _ Fli a lames had neuer laid, r Sher; me thy Faith by thy 'orks: Suppof a then a 1am.z,1 E. theft;Firfr,fConuerfiou.Second;y,b Cenfeffien. Thirdly,' -1" 's. ?0. h Compa on, C¢c. Conceiue it thus vnderfiood : Fire, hE R077.10. of Faith confirmed. Secondly,. out of temptation. T' Gaf.f,6, in fome fruit or other. Oflofeph yet a Nouice we finde failing in the point of èowfejfion : but haue reafons to thinke, his heart was in gracious mealiare purified, his life reformed r while temptation was vpon him, of feare to beicat out ofthe Synagogue, much weakeneife hee be- ilah.ta,çs. wrayes. Temptation once ouerblowne,,and Faith con firmed, hee Ames. k more courage for Chriff , then. the k tob,a9.39. chicle of his Apoftles. How then may wepreiùme they haue Faith,in whom appeare fruits of norhing,but groffefi Infidelity ? Timo- roufnefe, !hall I fay, to profeife his Name, whom they boaf'c to beleeue in? that might beimpured to the weak - n.el% and infirmitic ofFaith, but cruel tie towatds Gods children; yea, to the children of their ovine bowels, fo inlàtiably addiC?ed to intemperate Bovezing, Luxurious wantonneife, all Vncleatn etfe,that arongft Infidel! Pa- gans is to be lëene, more care to prouide far families, more f t.7'itn, 5.81 conlcienceto depart from euill. Faith P A v L tells vs, n, works by lone. The C ouncell at Ierufalem, n purifieth the m Ga ?, 5.6, heart. thefe Boaeers,fuch a faith, as neither ndR.19.9 fearer Cod, nor reuerenceth Man,nor goes fo farre as ciui- litie,or light of Nature, to purge the outward life from groffe and notorious finites. Shew vs thy Faith by thy works, or neuer make vaunt of Faith in thy heart, that by no outward cuidence thou cane approxe ro the Church of God. So 73