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pW.,Wìíikw".sb,..:e!ka.i-.Ft-' ,CH e p. I..4n Expofstion vpon tabe firfl V a a,8 So that weneednot to(peake any thing. Ire l'eemes then, Pawls eourfe was, wllcre he came, to commend the faith and fanftitie of the people, amongft whom his Minifle- rie had beene effeCtuall. Teaching vs that, there it place in our Mini fiery for com- mendation, as well a for reproofs, or exhortation. PAY LS Epiftles abound with praifes of the Churches to whom hewrites; and amplifications of their commendation by all circumftances. Sec z Cor. 8. z, 5,4, 5 The great Shepheard o ftheJheepe, the Arch DoCtor of the Church, o .Ale' %.a3 ;, omitsnot the o dueprayfe of tire Churches, whomhe f 'arply eff reprooues. Firft,Ir is an allurement tempered to the inclination of naturrled with nothing more kindly then with c6men- dation; how did 'Paul wind himfelfc into the heart ofA- grippa by this mcancs ? and drew him r almot to bee a Chriflian. See alfo Philip.4. 8. Secondly,It drawes on others q to emulation of like pra- ifice,through holy ambiti6 oflike praife in Gods church. Thirdly, there is fomthing herein that redounds to the glory and praife of God,Commend Faith, Charitie, O- bedience; what commendeft thou, but Gods Workes in his Children? In this kind yemay obferue then faulting both wayes. Firft, by flattery and endue prayfe, where is nothing prayfe - worthy, as alfo by forbearing reproofc of palpa- Mett finnes. Pelagians, by Hieromes report, direCing a Minifher his carriage to the people, propound him this rule: Solon Dei nihil atnarum de fins deber ore prelim, fedfemper quad dulce, of. future eft. A practice, faith Hie - rome, titter for Heretikes, then for the Lords Prophets; by fuckfieaailoquentia, and r faire fpeeches, Meretískes are wont to decline the hearts oftbe fmple.T h ere is a titne,fairh frite 1.13. Taal int}ruEting Titus,to l reprooue fbarpl;and fo t that o- t I Tim,S.lo. therealfo may faare. s Secondly,There is another fault on the other hand, in like I p.m zó.zy,t8. 2 g s cot.9,z. 13ierenynr,ai taerf. PelagiRn, lib.r. r Roln.I6, z 8.