Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

CHAP.t. Epifileto the Theffalonians, V like fort robe auoided; it is toomuch queruloufnetre, for want of nothing,many times,but what in chis life cannot be attained: email perfellion. Info much that euery little blemifh in the people,ouer-clouds their many ver -nous parts, that no notice is taken of them to commend them, The great God of Hearten,. that God of pure eye:, more readily takes notice ofthe leaf} good thing to commend and reward it; then of fmaller fumes to reprooue and punif b them. 7-belittle goodne f fe found in Anne's, amongft all the formes of Ieroboatar, the Lord patrcth not without mention, and recompenfe. VERS. 9. 10. For they thenrfelue:¡hew of vi, what manner of entring in wee had vntoyou, and bow yee turned to god from Idols, to forme thelimng and true God. And to wait for his Senne from hearse'', whom be raifed front, the dead, awn leper which deliuered VI from the wrath to come. He words haue this >fumme: they fpecifie, the cuidences which the Churches fol- lowed, in giuing -to Theffalonians corn, nacndation offaith, *hey were two fpccial fruits and cffe(fs of faith: Firf+, conuerfon. Secondly, expeflation and patient wayting for Cbrif1to cone from Heaton. Theirconnexion is plaine with the lafisiauie of the Verfe foregoing : we need fat nothing in your praife; for they preuent our commenda- tion. Their entrance into this Church, vnderfl;and their . Ertl preaching ofthe Gofpell, and the fuccetfe thereof. The points of notice are thefe. Firs}, Conuerfet is MP infcparableattendant andfruit offauing faith. No fruit of Faith, (llirh a new- fangled Teacher ) but an antecedent and preparatine thereto. Repen- dance sfi