Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

rv1ét'(/::.;.;Bp17,^L;.:YC+ïii6úw xA:''. ;'.R`. s.Si' `":.Lelr:;.i. 76 yMat. z7. 3. z aCer. a Zuk.».zs. b Mar,4.z6,1.7. ! csCOr.7.i7. C H A P. i. flrs Expofition vpon the ffrfi V a 31.9,, o, tancegoes before Faith. What ricane you by Repen. tance? what by Faith ? what prioririe or precedence vn- derftaridyou? in Narute or Time? The mans loue ro play with ambiguities; laugh es at the rule, 9i bene di- ¡ingxit, bene doser, Thus concchic. Firft,all Repentance prouppofeth fònae Faith. Secondly, fane Repentance goes before force Faith. Thirdly, fauing Faith is in Na- ture before fauing Repentance. Of the Era, Euen legall contrition, whic'r is this mans Repentance, though abfurdly he define ir, a fight of our rnifcry,prefuppofeth fix= faith; who mournes or is call down with the terrors of the Aim ighty,tharbcleeues not the fcntence true pronounced in the Law,and aop'ycd -ro him?Thepeopleof Niniuie beleened God, x then humbled theaaf Ives infack cloth andafber. O fthe f econd,This Repentance goes before faith iu- fif ing; that is, beforeperfwa,ion of Gods loue in the pardon ofonr perfbnall (juries. Yea, bath place in ma- ny, that perifhineuerlafting dcfpaire, as wee haue in. fiance in Cain, and Y Indu, &c. But ifyou fpeakeof fauing Repentance, Repentance, as Paxl cals ir,=top/nation newer te be repented of;you mull then vnderftand, that the gifts of Faith and Repentance are /instil tempore; neither afore or after other: the ails and exercife of the gifts, may you diflinguifh a prioritie ofNarure, which belongs to Faith : though the truth is, the exercifé ofboth is fo coniuna, that it is hard for the Chriflian in whom they are, to diflinguifh which bath the precedencie in time; that it may haue place here that our Sauiour bath, the' Kingdome of God commeth not with obferuation,but as the Corne, bgrower vp, man knows net how. Fir fl,And weigh but thefe reafons;Godly furrow for fin, e the cattle of Repentance prcfuppofeth Faith; perfwafton of Gods loue, andreadinetfe at leaft to pardon our finnee For can a man grime for the offence of God, as it is his offence,